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64Re: [SubEthaEdit] Re: Searching for french version

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  • Alexander Henket
    Dec 15 12:13 PM
      Well, the first things you would need are:

      1. XCode installed. You can download the latest version of the Apple
      developer tools via:

      The account is free. Alternatively you could install the version
      that came with your Mac. I always choose to install the devkits for
      older versions of Mac OS X as well to stay compatible

      2. A localization tool. I use iLocalize ($39, http://www.arizona-
      software.ch/applications/ilocalize), because I like it far better
      than alternatives such as the free suite LocSuite (http://www.blue-
      tec.com/locsuite/). This a matter of preference. You will need to get
      accustomed to any tool. iLocalize can be downloaded as well as a
      trial version.

      3. A talk with TheCodingMonkeys, Martin Pittenauer, if they are
      interested in your work in case you want to share it. I always do
      this when I'm done and satisfied with the end-result. I also
      localized lots of apps that I keep for myself, because I'm not
      satisfied with the result or not willing to support updates. Not
      every developer is willing to include a localization.
      TheCodingMonkeys are one of them, and they keep the localizations
      separate from the app in the Yahoo Group.

      In iLocalize, choose File>New Project. Select the SubEthaEdit.app as
      your source, choose English as base language (or reference language),
      and select no other languages. After creating the project choose
      Project>Add Language and add French. As a helper you could add Apple
      created glossaries for French in iLocalize. Find them via the Help
      menu of iLocalize. After you have copied the French dmg, you can drag
      the glossary files onto the Manage Glossaries window of iLocalize
      under the Glossary menu to the Global directory. After you have the
      Apple glossaries available you can use them with the Glossary
      Inspector from the Window menu. iLocalize comes with a tutorial and
      fine help pages.

      After you are done localizing 1119 strings, 89 HTML files, one
      ReleaseNotes.txt, you can generate the app and run it from the
      Application menu. You can do that intermediately as well too. Some
      strings are too big for the standard SubEthaEdit gui, others too
      small. Adjust this using Interface Builder (IB) on the nib files.
      Double click within iLocalize will do, to start IB. When you're
      completely done, export the project from the Project menu and it send
      to TheCodingMonkeys for upload to the files section of the Yahoo group.

      Localizing is a lot of work for the first version, especially if it
      is your first experience. The first version usually takes me two
      weeks or so. Most time goes into the html. Take your time, be
      critical to yourself, the learning curve may be steep. The good news
      is that updates are usually a breeze. Take those into account as
      well, because if you are going to share your work you want it to look
      good in this version, but you have to be prepared to keep it up to
      date too. A localization is only valid for one version of the

      Best of luck,


      Op 15-dec-2006, om 5:03 heeft matgorb het volgende geschreven:

      > If you can help me getting started, I'm sure I can help with some
      > french localization.
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