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55Re: [SubEthaEdit] XMPP backend

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Oct 17, 2006
      On 16.10.2006, at 18:00, m0k4t2 wrote:

      > I'm sure that this would be somewhat low on the list, but what about
      > transporting the BEEP protocol over XMPP? My company has a bunch of
      > devs on macs, and getting them on SEE would be real nice, but we also
      > run a tight ship and we don't multicast route, so Multicast DNS
      > (Bonjour) is right out. We do however, have a Wildfire (Jabber/XMPP)
      > server. Each SEE instance could connect to the server and others
      > would then be able to see who is online and talk back and forth, no
      > MDNS necessary. And it works across subenets and you get encryption
      > for free.

      SubEthaEdit does not require Bonjour or multicast routing to work.
      You can connect across networks by using the internet windows

      If you are working in NATed enviroments you will have to forward a
      port however. (See http://codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/faq.html#router)

      All the best,
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