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52Re: [SubEthaEdit] Collaborative editing for LaTeX documents?

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Sep 20, 2006
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      On 20.09.2006, at 20:46, manuchaosubethaedit wrote:

      > Should these two approaches work, do I missunderstand here something
      > or does anybody know a better approach? Specifically, how could one
      > easily save a file one is remotely editing as a copy to the local
      > filesystem. Save A Copy As... should work, however, I failed to
      > assign a keyboard shortcut to using the System Preferences.

      You should be able to save a local copy by using "File/Save" or
      pressing command-s.

      Both of your approaches should work fine. You can also enable a kind
      of semi-live (on save) preview of LaTeX by enabling "Configure for
      external editor" and "Auotmatic Preview Update" in TexShop's Document
      and Preview Preferences and opening the pdf in TexShop after the
      first compile.

      From experience I can recommend using a revision control system
      together with Latex (e.g. Subversion[1]). That kind of setup would
      take care of sharing images and the like and would also enable
      asynchronous collaboration in addition to SubEthaEdit live

      All the best,

      [1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subversion_(software)
      (Mac OS X Package: http://www.codingmonkeys.de/mbo/)
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