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51Collaborative editing for LaTeX documents?

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  • manuchaosubethaedit
    Sep 20, 2006

      I am completely new to the collaborative features of SubEthaEdit, so
      bear with me here.

      I need to write and edit a latex document in collaboration with
      another person over the internet. As I understand it, SubEthaEdit
      should be well suited for this. Latex, however, requires that both
      parties have 'physical' access to .tex file in order to be able to
      compile it.

      Possible procedures for acchieving this that I have come up with are:

      A: 1) .tex file sits on a server to whom both parties have access too
      via SMB (using a VPN on at least one side).
      2) One party opens the .tex file in its copy of SubEthaEdit and
      announces it. Both sides should now be able to edit the file.
      3) To compile the .tex file either party can open the .tex file in
      e.g. TeXShop on their computer and run it. All auxilary files as well
      as images etc. are sitting on the server as well.
      4) All edits should be done in SubEthaEdit, an AppleScript refreshes
      the .tex file in TeXShop just before compiling, i.e. the file can
      remain open in TeXShop.

      B: 1) .tex file does not sit on a server but on one of the computers
      2) Editing can be done as with A
      3) The party on whose computer the .tex file is residing can compile
      it in TeXShop as in A
      4) Some fancy, still-to-be-invented script saves the content of the
      .tex file on the computer which remotely edits the file into a locally
      stored .tex file, all user-generated auxillary files (like .bib file
      or images) have to be shared manually.

      Should these two approaches work, do I missunderstand here something
      or does anybody know a better approach? Specifically, how could one
      easily save a file one is remotely editing as a copy to the local
      filesystem. Save A Copy As... should work, however, I failed to assign
      a keyboard shortcut to using the System Preferences.


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