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50Re: [SubEthaEdit] RFE: sharing meta data

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Aug 29 9:02 AM
      On 28.08.2006, at 23:34, mtm_1999 wrote:

      > Hello,
      > It would be nice if SEE kept track of the last sharing state of
      > previously edited files. I
      > frequently share a handful files with a colleague and it becomes
      > tiresome to:
      > Open Recent -> the file
      > Annouce the file
      > Change access control from locked to read/write
      > repeat for each additional file

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on making that kind of
      metadata more persistent.

      If the set of files does not change much, you could also automate the
      workflow above using AppleScript to get the functionality right now.

      All the best,
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