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46Re: [SubEthaEdit] Re: Editing files on server

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  • Cornelia Menzel
    Aug 23, 2006
      Am 23.08.2006 um 23:05 schrieb Martin Pittenauer:

      > Ah. Now I understand the confusion. Sorry.
      > First of all, SubEthaEdit can only connect to other SubEthaEdits
      > for collaborative work, not to a webserver. The Internet button
      > opens the internet browser, where you can establish a connection to
      > another SubEthaEdit user that is not in your local network. For
      > that you have to put her IP into the address field. (For help with
      > setup and how to find out IPs, please have a look at http://
      > codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/nat.html)
      > So long story short, our test server is actually a Macintosh
      > running SubEthaEdit. To edit files directly on a webserver together
      > I'd recommend to open them via Cyberduck and then invite your co-
      > workers to that documents by first connecting to them via internet
      > if the aren't in you local network (otherwise they are visible in
      > the Bonjour browser) and dragging them onto the documents.
      > If you had more of a wiki-like environment in mind the only
      > solution at this time would be a Macintosh server and a bit of
      > AppleScript.
      > mfg,
      > Martin

      Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. That is exactly
      what I wanted to know.

      Kind regards,

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