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43Re: Editing files on server

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  • Cornelia Menzel
    Aug 23, 2006
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      Thank you very much for your answers!

      I did not expressed myself very clearly. I am already using Cyberduck for uploading the
      files and, at the moment I need to make some changes, I can open the file with
      SubEthaEdit from server and after modifying it, saving the file on the server again. I was
      conscient of that.

      What I now want to do know is having one or more files on my webserver that could be
      modified at the same time by various persons. I have already uploaded a testfile to my
      server and I have set the necessary rights, so that everybody could open and modfiy it. But
      I am not able to connect to my server via the Internet-Button as I have done to connect to
      your test server.

      The only way I was able to modify a file at the same time as another user, was activating
      'Personal File Sharing' on my Mac and so permitting access to the file for others. I was not
      able to connect to my webserver via 'see://...'. So my question is: What kind of tricks you
      are using to offer files for everybody on your testserver?

      Would it be possible to accomplish that with an .Mac account? As I know, iDisk supports
      WebDav, what is - as I understand - necessary for sharing files.

      I hope, that I expressed myself more clearly now. I do not want anybody to connect to my
      Mac, so the idea was, to offer the file on the Webserver directly. But till now, I do not know
      how to do that.

      Thank you very much and sorry for my misleading initial post.

      Kind regards,
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