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27Re: [SubEthaEdit] Preview wiki content

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  • Kent Karlsson
    Jun 8, 2006
      On 7 jun 2006, at 23.47, Martin Pittenauer wrote:

      > On 08.06.2006, at 01:05, vogon_swe wrote:
      >> I use SubEthaEdit a lot when editing wiki or other online content,
      >> but I'm a bit anoyed by
      >> having to copy/paste the text before I get an idea on what it will
      >> look like.
      >> Have anyone made any kind of script that simplifies this?
      > There isn't a script yet, but as the "Validate HTML (W3C)" Script
      > essentially does very similar things (send content to form-based
      > validator and show the result in Safari), it would probably be easy
      > to provide one if you let me know the details (i.e. the url to send
      > it to).

      That script sounds like it could work perfectly. Can it be found
      somewhere? I haven't spent the time to find out exactly how the url
      should look yet and there will probably be some trial and error
      before its working perfectly so it would be easier of I work on
      getting the parameters correct.

      >> Perhaps I should file some feedback on this as well. What I
      >> preferably would like to be able to
      >> do is to configure the Web Preview not to render it as HTML but
      >> rather send it as a
      >> configurable form to a url and render the result. That would be
      >> awesome!
      > Directly customizing a web preview with filters, is on our agenda,
      > but currently not yet possible.

      Perfect, the feature have one more vote now =)

      -- kent
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