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21Encryption for SubEthaEdit

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  • sungolem
    Apr 22, 2006
      I have been using SubEthaEdit for the a couple of years and think that
      it is a great product, due mostly to its simplicity. Much of the
      writing that I do is somewhat sensitive in nature (patent
      documentation and business plan writing) and for these reasons I
      haven't been able to use SubEthaEdit for editing over the internet or
      on a public network.

      I know that an SSH tunnel can be used, but setting this up is not simple
      enough for many people and can be quite complicated to setup for
      groups. So far the most viable solution has been collaboration via
      encrypted email.

      Are there plans for incorporating TLS into SubEthaEdit? It would make
      it far more useful as a means of collaborating on things that we don't
      want to escape into the ether. I've read an interview at
      [http://www.drunkenblog.com/drunkenblog-archives/000292.html%5d that
      alludes to BEEP allowing for the addition of TLS. I know at least a
      dozen people that would drop whatever editor they currently use and
      use SubEthaEdit if it was secure as well as incredible for collaboration.
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