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20Re: [SubEthaEdit] Re: see document server

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Apr 3, 2006
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      On 28.03.2006, at 15:54, jennylost wrote:
      >> Currently you need to be logged in to use SubEthaEdit unfortunately.
      >> You can however automate sharing features with AppleScript. If you
      >> are interested in that I can provide a few examples.
      > If you have a quick example of a setup that'd be great!

      Sorry it took a while to answer, but I did a short write-up about the
      major challenges to host a SubEthaEdit server at our company blog and
      included the example AppleScripts there.

      Have a look at http://codingmonkeys.de/blog/articles/2006/04/03/

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