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197Re: [SubEthaEdit] Adapting modes for folding

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Aug 12, 2009
      On 11.08.2009, at 20:29, michael_j_barber wrote:
      > There are a couple of modes I use that haven't been updated. By
      > looking through the example in the mode SDK, it seems pretty
      > straightforward: just add foldable="yes" to appropriate states
      > defined in SyntaxDefinition.xml for the mode. The hardest part,
      > then, would be adding relevant states for modes that lack them.
      That's the basic idea.
      > Is that really all there is to it? Any other tips to know or
      > pitfalls to beware of?
      As always I'd advice to have a look at the modes we ship for the
      "state of the art" in terms of black voodoo mode creation. ;)

      C.mode is pretty straight forward, XML.mode is a bit more advanced,
      PHP-HTML.mode or ERB.mode are pretty complicated.

      I put some advanced features in the engine for fine-tuning and edge
      cases, that we haven't yet documented, mainly because I want the dust
      to settle a bit before we commit to "public API". So there is some
      "headroom" should you run into a wall. In any case, let me know if
      have trouble, I'm here to help and to learn how to make this stuff
      more approachable for people not sitting in this office. ;)

      All the best,
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