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186Re: [SubEthaEdit] Extracting plain text from .seetext with Applescript

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Aug 20, 2008
      On 20.08.2008, at 17:08, Vaughan McAlley wrote:

      > ...the first line of the Lua file contains the path and filename I
      > want to save to (commented):
      > --Macintosh HD:test.lua
      > The result ends up like this:
      > http://mcalley.net.au/see/result.png

      I just tried your script and it worked as intended on my machine. What
      encoding does your lua file usually have? Are you working on Tiger or
      Leopard? Intel or PPC?

      > ...with every data byte preceded by zero. Is there a fix for this,
      > or a simpler way that I haven't been able to find?

      A simpler way would be to use the plain text copy that is stored
      within the .seetext for convenience. Seetext files are bundles, a kind
      of fancy folder that gets treated like a file by the Finder.

      Besides the documents history, its metadata and QuickLook preview, we
      also store a redundant plain text version one can access without
      SubEthaEdit or use for compiling an the like in this folder.

      To access the plain text you can use (for this example) "lua

      All the best,
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