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157Re: [SubEthaEdit] SubEthaServer

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Jan 10, 2008
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      On 10.01.2008, at 12:12, jannisleidel wrote:

      > I wondered if there are other people interested in running a
      > standalone server for sharing
      > documents (e.g. "SubEthaServer") on any other OS than Mac OS X. What
      > about having an open
      > source server software which can easily run on Windows and Unix/
      > Linux Servers?

      We are currently working on a dedicated server for Mac OS X. We will
      have a look at ways to bring it to other operating systems once we are
      finished with that, if there is demand.

      We'd be also be interested in feedback (monkeys@...)
      regarding features you'd expect to see in the server version.

      All the best,
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