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153Re: [SubEthaEdit] Re: Requiring files to end with a newline

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  • Alexander Henket
    Jan 9, 2008
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      That sounds like a content requirement that I would not expect SubEthaEdit itself to handle. However with the aforementioned sed option or any other third party solution, you could still enforce it.

      Alexander Henket

      Op 9 jan 2008, om 10:09 heeft michael_j_barber het volgende geschreven:

      I believe you have misread me. In the Format menu, you can set the line endings to be 
      carriage returns, line feeds, or both. However, the file itself should end with a line feed, 
      which is not enforced by setting "Use Unix/Mac OS X Line Endings (LF)". I'm looking for a 
      way to require that.

      --- In SubEthaEdit@ yahoogroups. com, Alexander Henket <ahenket@... > wrote:
      > Under the Format menu you will find what you are looking for on per 
      > document basis. In the Preferences you can set it for all new documents.
      > Regards
      > Alexander Henket
      > Op 7 jan 2008, om 18:51 heeft michael_j_barber het volgende geschreven:
      > > Standard convention for Unix files is that they should end with a 
      > > newline. Is there any
      > > combination of settings that will get SubEthaEdit to do this?
      > >
      > >
      > >

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