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146Re: Structuring elements for the mode menu

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  • michael_j_barber
    Jan 7, 2008
      --- In SubEthaEdit@yahoogroups.com, Martin Pittenauer <map@...> wrote:
      > On 05.01.2008, at 07:16, michael_j_barber wrote:
      > > Is it possible to add structuring elements to the mode menu? I'd
      > > like to be able to put some
      > > dividing lines between groups of scripts, or possibly group scripts
      > > into submenus.
      > That's a good idea. Currently that's not possible but it sounds like a
      > really useful addition.

      Well, perhaps in a future version, then. As it stands, the nine items I've got in the extended
      LaTeX mode I've been working on are pretty hard to read - and that's quite a modest set for
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