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139Re: Connect across subnets

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  • mechcozmo
    Sep 19, 2007
      That isn't working. It worked _once_ but since then we haven't been able to re-
      establish a connection. SEE always times out, and even when we use a document URL, the
      other computer cannot resolve it. Is there any way to hop through these subnets?


      --- In SubEthaEdit@yahoogroups.com, Martin Pittenauer <map@...> wrote:
      > On 10.09.2007, at 19:51, mechcozmo wrote:
      > > I use SEE on a university network. To take notes in class, my
      > > friends and I need to be able to
      > > connect to each other's computers. I have a hostname registered, and
      > > can ping my computer
      > > from their computer, etc. However, I cannot tell SEE to connect to
      > > my computer without
      > > using the Internet dialog box... which fails. (I think because it
      > > tries to go out to the internet,
      > > then come back in, which it doesn't need to do and is blocked for
      > > security concerns) Is there
      > > a way to tell SEE what computer to connect to on a local network,
      > > bypassing the Bonjour
      > > auto-discovery?
      > The "Internet" window allows (or should allow) you to connect to an
      > arbitrary IP address. It won't connect to the internet if the IP is
      > within your local subnet.
      > All the best,
      > Martin
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