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108Special Character Problems

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  • letspetpuppies
    May 4, 2007
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      I receive files from clients in word documents on a regular basis and
      cut-and-paste the text into html files (which I edit in SubEthaEdit).
      That's great except for the special characters that Word uses like
      open and close single and double quotes, ellipses and dashes.

      If I use a very basic file encoding (like ASCII) then I am warned
      about the special characters and if I insert as-is they are stripped
      out. That's not ideal. If I use something like Mac OS Roman, they
      are pasted into the document, but I have to try to find them and
      search-and-replace each one. Inevitably, I miss one or two (the
      dashes are particularly hard), and it adds a round of iteration with
      the client (the chars get translated to "?" marks or small squares).

      Ideally, I'd like if there was a SubEthaEdit feature that was aware
      that there the document special characters that won't translate to the
      web, and converts them to their ASCII counterparts en-masse, without
      me having to specify them one at a time. Is there such a feature in
      SubEthaEdit or could it be added with a script or plugin or something?

      Love the editor and thanks for your help!
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