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  • valtsge
    Dear Marco, I am self made Latvian webdesigner (not programmer, just basic html and javascript :-) for the site www.DizainaCentrs.lv This site I wrote on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2008
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      Dear Marco,

      I am self made Latvian webdesigner (not programmer, just basic html and javascript :-) for
      the site www.DizainaCentrs.lv This site I wrote on MacOS9.2 using SimpleText with
      ColorMenu. It's text independent coloring and styling possibility is indispensable tools to
      keep the code organized.

      Recently my old iBook wears out and I was to obtain new miniMac with Leopard in it. To
      continue do my job I reviewed dozens of html editing software available on the web, still
      it appear to color just tags what does not suit me at all. So I strive to get SimpleText again,
      still it appears to be impossible to install the ColorMenu and I did not found also an

      So, finally, I am very glad to find Your software - Style, which I would like to purchase. I
      downloaded trial and found that Style accurately reads all previously (in SimpleText)
      assigned colors, bolds, italics etc. Everything seems to be excellent except few matters,
      where I would like to kindly ask for Your help:

      1. Encoding. May be I just did not manage to find it, still by now it appears that Style does
      not support encoding for Baltic countries - BalticRim = windows-1257 (this is standard
      meta charset for all Latvian sites). I performed several tests and got following results:
      - when opened in Style, previously (in SimpleText) written Latvian characters appear
      - I still can write new text with Latvian characters and it appears correct (Style
      automatically assigns GenevaCE font, ignoring even what stated in it's own preferences,
      and does allow to change it only to other CE fonts. If I try to change to non-CE font, Style
      stops to allow any further changes at all);
      - on "save" Style maintains .htm extension (it is very OK);
      - when now rendered in Safari - vice versa - old Latvian characters (written in
      SimpleText) renders correctly but the newly written (in Style) renders wrong;
      - when reopening this htm textfile in Style, again - previously written Latvian characters
      are wrong, newly written with Style - are correct.
      So the question is - Are there possibility to somehow fix it, so that Latvian characters
      display correctly in both - Style (so that I see what was written previously and what I am
      writing presently) and web browsers (so that visitors see what I did wrote for them :-))?

      2. Spread. Again, may be I just did not found how to customize it, but by now Style do not
      allow the text to spread over the full width of the working window (like Apple's TextEdit or
      SimpleText). Instead Style wraps text in some fixed position - about 55 characters at 14pt
      size. Is it possible to somehow overcome this too?

      3. One more question - Is it possible to tell the Style to further assign it's own creator to
      these htm files, so that to make it possible to open them into the Style with a double-
      click. Other way my Leopard everytime tells me that he suspects that I am choosing the
      wrong software which possibly will not open my htm document.

      If it could be possible to overcome these issues, I would be very happy to purchase Your
      software. I would be even ready to pay some extra, if any applicable.

      With my many thanks and best regards,

      Valts Geidans
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