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Re: [StudyingKala] Father's influence

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  • Vanaja Ghose
    Thanks! Vanaja
    Message 1 of 6 , May 23, 2012

      On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 1:10 PM, Ernst Wilhelm <ernst@...> wrote:

      PS Cruel is a quality, so half cruel means mercury will require more stress to produce the things he influences, but not as much as if he did not have venus helping him.



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      I do smile sometimes when I hear some of the pronunciation - no need to apologize though!
      "Venus will suffer on account of being joined with the sun, but get helped by mercury and venus will help mercury in return." How can I explain that?

      How does it work out as far as somya and krura planets here? Me is supposed to be krura if with a krura planet and somya if with a somya planet. But here Me is with both one krura and one somya.

      In the example you looked at the Trimsamsha also, but do we go through the steps of determining which of the Su and Ve are stronger (and which of the Mo and Ma are stronger) in Trimsamsha also - just the way we go through in the Rasi chart?



      On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 11:19 PM, Ernst Wilhelm <ernst@...> wrote:


      Hi Vanaja,

          The yoga is Budha Adhita, sorry if my pronuciation made it sound like Pujya. Venus will suffer on account of being joined with the sun, but get helped by mercury and venus will help mercury in return.


      to really learn about aspects of planets to another, you need to take the lajitaadi course. In this case, Saturn is a natural enemy to the sun and so its aspect hurts the sun and so reduces the sun's ability to produce. It will also indicate that the individual as well as the father suffers from some lack of self esteem confidence.



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      Hi Ernst,

      I'm trying out the Father and Mother's influence (as per Tape 10 of Graha Sutra course)and the chart I'm checking has the Su, Ve and Me in Cn. Mo is waxing in Ta, in Moolatrikoa. Su has higher dignity than Ve. You have talked about Su-Me combination (pujya aditya yoga), but how will Ve affect this situation being in the same rasi?

      Also,SaR from Sc is aspecting the Su 37 Verupas. How do I figure out what affect this will have regarding the father's action/behaviour on this person? I think somewhere you said that anything Sa is joining or aspecting will have more defects...




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