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Floris van der Weyde

Hi, Is Floris van der Weyde still a member of your group?  I saw that he posted a request for assistance back in January 2005.  I'm trying to contact him.
Debi Luther
Feb 26

Re: Hertfordshire new led street lights

I like the sound of those elecos!
Richard Serridge
Jan 16

Re: Hertfordshire new led street lights

... Thanks Tim. I wasn't aware of this. Looks like the A10 and A505 in Royston will be relit - nothing special will go. There are some older ELECOs in the town
Simon Cornwell
Jan 16

Re: Hartlepool - the LED invasion continues

I was right! One of the SGS101s went today, unfortunately. I wouldn't normally mourn the death of a streetfighter, as I've made my opinions on them quite clear
Jamie P
Jan 12

Hartlepool - the LED invasion continues

My home town of Hartlepool hasn't been immune to the widespread installation of LED, and the last few months have seen a dramatic rise in the spread of LED,
Jamie P
Jan 11

Re: LED Street Lighting

HI All I have recently acquired a LED Street Light, and I have NO Ide who the Manufacturer is All I know it is rated 60 watts with LEd Chips with 2 Optical
Jan 9

Reading new high mast led lights

Last year in Dec 2014 I went to Reading and I seen somenew high mast LED street lights lanterns on old high mast posts and these arein the town centre. The
Jan 9

Hertfordshire new led street lights

I just found out, HertfordshireCounty Council is replacing the entire group A main roads street lights lanternsto LED lanterns now. Last year in Dec 2014,I
Jan 9

Re: LED Street Lighting

Hi Andrew, Unfortunately, I didn't save those two (I don't have the space for a large collection, got about 6 or 7 lanterns in total), but I informed a fellow
Jamie P
Dec 16, 2014

Re: LED Street Lighting

Hi Jamie, That sounds similar to what is going on up here with the thorn r2l2s. The long outreach arm is being chopped off and all the new lanterns are post
Dec 14, 2014

Re: LED Street Lighting

Hartlepool is suffering a similar fate. Hundreds of lanterns have been replaced with Urbis Axias. No side entry ones are being installed. Instead, if the
Jamie P
Dec 5, 2014

Re: LED Street Lighting

Hi all, Cumbria is having a mass clear out of Son and sox lanterns. We are going down the thorn r2l2 route. I must admit that they do look good. I can't
Dec 4, 2014

Holophane Wallpackettes for sale

Hi, I hope it's OK to post an advert here. I have a couple of Holophane Wallpackettes in need of a good home. I think one is an original Wallpackette and the
Nov 26, 2014

Re: LED Street Lighting

Nope wasn't me, I heard there were the Thorn Beta 2 and Beta 5's were made with LED but never seen any in situ All the #best Colin On 17 November 2014 11:10,
Nov 18, 2014

Re: LED Street Lighting

Hasn't someone mentioned seeing a LED Beta5 in the wild already? (Maybe it was you Colin?) Regardless of the number of options and configurations available for
Phil Macbean
Nov 17, 2014
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