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Cranes / Dadaphonic Newsletter - December 2005

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  • Jen
    * DVD/CD availabe in Europe * Carmen Rosa debut album DVD/CD Version of Particles & Waves available in Europe ... Hello again ! We now have a limited number
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      * DVD/CD availabe in Europe
      * Carmen Rosa debut album

      DVD/CD Version of 'Particles & Waves' available in Europe

      Hello again ! We now have a limited number of the USA version
      of Particles and Waves (CD + DVD) available for Europe and the
      rest of world. They are now available at our mail order at


      The first few copies have been signed by the group so if you
      would like one of the signed ones please mention it in the
      comments box of your order form. Thanks ! If you would like it
      signed to a particular person let us know and we will try to do
      that ! All orders will be processed and sent out this week. We
      have recently updated our mail order pages and we can now accept
      Paypal (as well as ordinary credit card payments) so we hope this
      will be an improvement !

      'Particles and Waves' is also now available on iTunes (USA)
      (http://www.apple.com/itunes) And of course you can still get the
      album in record shops and at Amazon etc in USA. In Europe the DVD
      version of the album is not available in the shops, so that's why
      we have imported a few USA copies for Dadaphonic Mailorder, in
      case any of you here would like to order it. Thanks for all your
      comments so far. Really glad you have liked it. And thanks very
      much to everyone who came to see us play at the festivals in
      August. It was great to go to Athens for the first time and we had
      a great time in Berlin and Belgium too. We're currently working on
      some songs for a new album and we're hoping to have something ready
      for release in the Spring. We'll let you know how it goes !

      Carmen Rosa
      Ben Baxter (bassist in cranes) and Jon Callender (drummer) are also
      another group called Carmen Rosa. Ben is the singer/songwriter and
      the drummer and producer. They have just completed their debut album
      called "You Only Think You Know". They're now on myspace too and have
      some great songs, so check them out at


      For more info/album availablity write to carmenrosamusic@...
      their main website at http://www.carmenrosa.com They have given us
      free copies of their album to give away, so the first 10 people to
      order 'Particles & Waves' from us will get a free Carmen Rosa CD
      too !

      Well bye for now ! Hope you have a great Christmas and a very happy
      Year. Thanks so much for all your support in 2005 and hope to see you

      Lots of love from Cranes xxx

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