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New Albums: Belle and Sebastian, Sinead O'Connor, The Strokes, and Goldfrapp.

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  • Jen
    Belle and Sebastian: Belle and Sebastian - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds Belle and Sebastian are reissuing all their singles from the Jeepster label, which is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2005
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      Belle and Sebastian:

      Belle and Sebastian - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
      Belle and Sebastian are reissuing all their singles from the Jeepster
      label, which is great news as some of their most wonderful songs were
      never featured on albums.

      It's arranged chronologically and the real quality comes from the
      four EPs released between 1997 and 1998. One such song, Lazy Line
      Painter Jane is possibly the best thing they've ever recorded.

      The later singles don't quite reach these peaks but from an
      alternative version of The State that I am in to the more confident
      pop of I'm waking up to us you can clearly hear the path of
      progression that took them towards their most recent and very
      excellent album Dear Catastrophe Waitress.


      Sinead O'Connor:

      SINEAD O'CONNOR: Sinead O'Connor to release a newly compiled album
      exploring her work with a broad range of artists across many genres
      and cultures. Simply titled 'Collaborations', the record compiles
      Sinead O'Connor's previously released collaborations with artists
      like Bono (U2), and The Edge (U2), trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack,
      Afro Celt Sound System, Peter Gabriel, Moby, Irish folk-pop singer
      Damien Dempsey, The Specials' Terry Hall, Conjure One and many more.
      The albums is scheduled for release on EMI in Europe on May 23rd, and
      Capitol Records in the US on June 21st, 2005.
      Tracklisting: 01.Massive Attack - Special Cases (Radio Edit) 02.Asian
      Dub Foundation Featuring Sinéad O'Connor - 1000 Mirrors 03.Bomb The
      Bass Featuring Sinéad O'Connor & Benjamin Zephaniah - Empire
      04.Ghostland - Guide Me God 05.Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart
      Featuring Sinéad O'Connor - Visions Of You 06.Afro Celt Sound System -
      Release (Album Edit) 07.Sinéad O'Connor With The Blockheads - Wake
      Up And Make Love With Me 08.The The - Kingdom Of Rain (Album Version)
      09.U2 & Sinéad O'Connor - I'm Not Your Baby 10.Conjure One Featuring
      Sinéad O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (Album Version) 11. Peter
      Gabriel & Sinéad O'Connor - Blood Of Eden (Radio Edit) 12.Moby
      Featuring Sinéad O'Connor – Harbour 13.Aslan – Up In Arms 14.Damien
      Dempsey Featuring Sinéad O'Connor - It's All Good 15.The Edge &
      Sinéad O'Connor - Heroine (Theme From "Captive") 16.The Colourfield
      Featuring Sinéad O'Connor - Monkey In Winter 17.Sinéad O'Connor &
      Terry Hall - All Kinds Of Everything


      The Strokes:

      THE STROKES have almost finished work on their third album – but it
      might not be out until January 2006.

      The band are planning to release a single in the autumn, and play a
      handful of club dates across Europe around the same time, band
      manager Ryan Gentles has told the band's mailing list.

      The album, currently untitled, is being mixed by Andy Wallace, who
      has worked with the likes of Nirvana and Jeff Buckley.

      He revealed: "I can tell you that there are 13 songs that are nearly
      fully completed, but we still have NOT mixed the album, so we'll
      continue into June and July with that. This is NOT to say that there
      will be 13 songs on the album....maybe there will, maybe there
      won't...some could be B-sides...we'll decide that when the recording
      is 100% done."

      The band are also looking into the possibility of playing in Japan,
      Australia and South America before the end of the year. US dates are
      likely in January.



      New album called Supermature; details at: http://www.goldfrapp.co.uk/
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