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Help Identify "White Rabbit" by unknown 1990s indie band!

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  • sidewaysgaze
    I posted another song to YouTube; a cover of White Rabbit by an unknown band that I heard on college radio in the 1990s. I ve already mentioned it here long
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2013
      I posted another song to YouTube; a cover of "White Rabbit" by an unknown band that I heard on college radio in the 1990s. I've already mentioned it here long ago, but you can take a listen at YouTube here:


      If you can ID it, or have guesses, please post here! :)


      From YouTube:

      I heard this hypnotic cover of "White Rabbit" in the 1990s on college radio in NJ, USA. I need help identifying the band/artist. The vibe in druggy, drawn-out, and psychedelic, but modern, with alluring, kinda menacing, sly, clear, sing-talking female vocals and a squelchy undertow of synth notes, among other instruments.

      Any help in IDing this song is greatly appreciated, as its origin has been bugging me since the 1990s... Thanks! (Image drawn by me) Jen

      "White Rabbit" was originally by Jefferson Airplane and sung by Grace Slick.


      "One pill makes you larger
      And one pill makes you small,
      And the ones that mother gives you
      Don't do anything at all.
      Go ask Alice
      When she's ten feet tall.

      And if you go chasing rabbits
      And you know you're going to fall,
      Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
      Has given you the call.
      Call Alice
      When she was just small.

      When the men on the chessboard
      Get up and tell you where to go
      And you've just had some kind of mushroom
      And your mind is moving low.
      Go ask Alice
      I think she'll know.
      When logic and proportion
      Have fallen sloppy dead,
      And the White Knight is talking backwards
      And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
      Remember what the dormouse said:
      "Feed your head. Feed your head. Feed your head"
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