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Re: commercial songs that portray women as weak

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  • thrillracer1
    Thanks for voting for my commercial! :) If it weren t for contests, I wouldn t listen to radio, and hence wouldn t be so familiar with the commercial artists.
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      Thanks for voting for my commercial! :) If it weren't for contests, I wouldn't listen to radio, and hence wouldn't be so familiar with the commercial artists. I got an idea to take notes whenever I hear a popular song sound like it protrays women as weak. Here's another example:

      One Direction sing: "But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, You don't know, Oh oh,
      You don't know you're beautiful." One Direction purport that: a) beauty is a matter of fact, not opinion, and
      b) they "know" that a girl is beautiful and they have more knowledge than her because she herself does not "know"
      it. I think it's condescending.

      They tell the girl straight up that she's "insecure," she's got it "wrong," One Direction is "right," and
      "everyone else in the room can see it." Their conclusions are based on the following evidence: she's covering up with
      make-up, she flips her hair, she smiles at the ground, and she shyly turns away from stares.

      One Direction think they are being romantic and helping a girl with her self esteem, but to me they sound condescending,
      like they think girls are weak and need their help.

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      > Just saw your commercial and voted for it! :)
      > I can't think of any examples, off-hand, about songs that portray women as weak, maybe because I usually don't pay attention to the Top 40 stuff (oh, am I dating myself? What is it called these days? LOL), which is usually filled with insipid to simplistic lyrics. And I don't listen to rap or hip-hop usually...
      > The only song that comes to mind right now is "Ridin'" by A$AP Rocky, featuring Lana Del Rey. I don't think "Ridin'" made the cut for A$AP Rocky's album, but in the song he sings - I mean raps - I mean monotone talks about Lana being his bitch - which I find is derogatory to say the least, but these days the word can mean the exact opposite of disrepectful! So, who knows...he's supposedly actually complimenting her...
      > Jen
      > --- In Stratosphere_Fanzine@yahoogroups.com, "thrillracer1" <thrillracer@> wrote:
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      > > I'm thinking of working on an article about commercial songs that portray women as weak. For example, Ne-Yo sings, "Girl, let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself." So, when Girl learns to love herself to Ne-Yo's satisfaction, then his work will be done? Ne-Yo purports that he is the do-gooder, a Good Samaritan to help Girl with her self-esteem, and thus, Girl is weak. Well, this article will take some research and work, so I wonder if a publication out there will pay me to write it.
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      > > Speaking of commercialism, I designed a commercial myself. Check it out at:
      > > http://commercial.bankingbydesign.com/#gallery
      > > And vote for it (by Dec. 31st)! Just go to the "Commercial Gallery," sort by "Most Popular," and flip back a couple pages. You will see my photo labeled as Jill B. (It has at least 9 votes, but needs more!)
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