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My Blog: Aural Ephemera #5.

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  • sidewaysgaze
    1. The new album Go from Jonsi of Sigur Ros is streaming at NPR.com now! I don t know how long this is gonna last, so catch your 1st listen asap. The songs
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2010
      1. The new album Go from Jonsi of Sigur Ros is streaming at NPR.com now! I don't know how long this is gonna last, so catch your 1st listen asap. The songs aren't listed when listening to whole album, but if you make it to around 24 to 25 minutes, it will be worth it for the beautiful nature of that song. I find that overall on the album though, Jonsi wistfully and loftily peaks high too often, so the beauty is diminshed through repetition:

      2. I know I've mentioned Jack Off Jill and Courtney Love lately, and actresses playing The Runaways (the film actually looks interesting and I think Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning do ace jobs in the real-life roles, at least from the previews). Now I want to mention Spinnerette, Brody Dalle's latest band (she was in The Distillers and is married to and has kid with Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age, at least the last I've heard...). The band's self-titled album is awesome!! It's about a year old, and I just love the mix of rock and some pop/softer segments. The tunes are rockin' and Brody's voice is all growling, sandy turpentine and spitfire attitude. So if you're pining for the good ole days of ferocious, female-fronted rock in the vein of Hole and Babes In Toyland, but with a modern edge that allows for the incorporation of some sweeter pop hooks and QOTSA-like guitar riffs and chorus shouts, look no further than Spinnerette:

      3. Sad News: Alex Chilton of Big Star has passed away at the age of 59. :( He and his band influenced the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Boo Radleys, and tons of other bands...

      4. Steve Kilbey of The Church is releasing a Limited Edition 8-disc Box Set of all his solo albums!! This is such exciting news!! You can find out more at Second Motion Records, the label who is releasing all the rarities: "Steve Kilbey Ltd. Ed 8xCD Box Set "monsters n mirages" available for pre-order!"

      5. I've now listened to the album The Resistance by Muse a few times, and I do love me some Muse, and I don't want to knock the album too much, because I still do enjoy it tremendously, but with all due love, respect, and admiration, contrary to the album cover which shows a wide-ranging spectrum of colors, the songs actually fall within a narrow, monochromatic bandwith in general... There's lots of drama, natch, with big guitars, big drums, and Matt Bellamy all operatic vocal chord wrangling, but oftentimes he sounds like he's squeezing that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. LOL There's a playfulness and charm and variety that is missing that can be found on their previous album in spades.

      6. The Legends is a Swedish pop-rock band led by (and masterminded by) Johan AngergÄrd who was in Acid House Kings and Club 8. Love the album Over and Over with its mix of twee, soft, melodic vocals and song structures and some ear-splitting sand-blasting noise scouring away the sweetness. Think early Jesus And Mary Chain covering Trembling Blue Stars.

      7. Goldfrapp has a new album out soon called Head First. Just FYI.

      8. Chairlift is a band that certain peeps love, and certain critics, and at first I had a hard time coming around to that side of things. I didn't hate them, or dislike them, just mild ennui and head-scratching due to the odd nature of some of the lyrics and throwback New Wave 80s-style synths that sound a bit too cheapo, but after listening to the grammatically-incorrect album Does You Inspire You several times, I now appreciate the band more and like certain songs, specially "Le Flying Saucer Hat". "Bruises", which you can listen to at MySpace, is full-on Camera Obscura twee:

      9. And I now present to you the Future of Post-Rock Music, which is happening now, encapsulated in the U.K. band Nedry. The trio combine aspects of Plaid and other electronic bands of that ilk with female vocals similar to Blonde Redhead. The result is uneasily restless and captivating:

      10. Lastly, more Sad News, which has been already known for several weeks, but fashion designer, style vanguard, and creative maestro Alexander McQueen killed himself (after his mother's death and the death of close friend Isabella Blow). His clothes were breathtaking and music stars like Bjork, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna wore his creations... Here's the official site:

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