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Re: Official News from Secret Shine: Secret Shine, bye bye 2009.

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  • thrillracer1
    I m pretty sure that Beach Boy s song ( Good only Knows ) was done on Dancing w/ the Stars (U.S. version.) I m still waiting for them to do a Morrissey song.
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      I'm pretty sure that Beach Boy's song ("Good only Knows") was done on Dancing w/ the Stars (U.S. version.) I'm still waiting for them to do a Morrissey song. Does anyone know if any Moz/Smiths songs were done on any of the other countries' Dancing w/ the Stars? I would love for them to do "The Youngest was the Moz Loved."

      You know how Morrissey mentions "HRT" in "Something is Squeezing my Skull"? I just found out that stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy. What the heck is going on w/ Moz? (But it would be another great song for Dancing w/ the Stars!)

      --- In Stratosphere_Fanzine@yahoogroups.com, "sidewaysgaze" <jdloc4@...> wrote:
      > The band members list and go over some of their most meaningful songs - a very interesting bunch of tunes! :D Strangelove is in there, as well as Ride, the Beach Boys, The Cure, Placebo, The Smiths, and more greatness...
      > Jen
      > "Hello
      > This is our final Shine newsletter of the year so we thought we'd do
      > something slightly different to pass the time. Compared to the last 4
      > years, 2009 has been a quiet year for us. We made a lot of progress on the
      > album but gigging wise, we've only played two Big Pink Cake shows in
      > Bristol and 4 gigs in Germany. It takes a lot of our time to rehearse for
      > gigs and we felt the album was the priority this year. However, all the
      > shows we have played have all been special in their own way and thanks to
      > everyone who turned up or organised them!
      > We think 2010 could be a vintage Shine year. The new album will be ready in
      > the spring, all being well and we hope to follow it up with more gigs in
      > the US and Germany - keep an eye on our website which has admitedly been
      > pretty static this year. We are intending to update with snippets of new
      > songs and stuff but just haven't got round to it yet. This is my first job
      > in the new year!
      > As well as the new album, we hope to release some vinyl 7 inches in 2010
      > with Andi Jenner who takes care of our German tours, and also with `All in
      > the Golden Afternoon' who we played with in Germany this year. I think
      > Rachel from AITGA has the most amazing voice and on that subject (Rachel
      > sings in MM) - I can't wait to hear the new Monster Movie album next year.
      > And if you're ever in Bristol on a Saturday that the Big Pink Cake is in
      > town then come along and hear some great bands It's the only club left
      > still playing C86, Sarah and new indie stuff - you can't beat it. You can
      > find out more about the Big Pink Cake on myspace and facebook.
      > And finally to our little end of year indulgence. We each compiled a list
      > 10 songs that mean something to us for various reasons. Not necessarily our
      > favouite songs but there's just something about them. Feel free to send me
      > your selections to scott@...
      > Happy festive season and see you next year!
      > Best wishes
      > Scott
      > JAMIE"S TOP 10
      > ELO - MR BLUE SKY
      > I love this song because its complexity and richness are working at a whole
      > other level to most bands of any era, and I also love it because it's so
      > audacious. Above all though, I love it because it makes me smile whenever
      > I listen to it.
      > Pixies - WHERE IS MY MIND?
      > This song sums up what make the Pixies great to me. Most of their stuff
      > has no right to work as well as it does, but they have a magic about them
      > which transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Kim Deals
      > otherworldly opening harmony, followed by Black Francis's scuba diving
      > inspired lyrics conspires to create a modern day classic for the MTV
      > generation. It's even been transmitted to Mars. Not sure why though...
      > Arcade Fire - WHERE NO CARS GO
      > This is the best song on Neon Bible – and there are a lot of good songs on
      > Neon Bible. It's so good, it managed to travel back in time to also appear
      > on their self titled debut EP, (or maybe it's the other way around?). From
      > the opening keyboard lead to the chanted "Heys!" and brass sections in the
      > chorus, this song mixes feel good factor into their sound by the bucket
      > load and is a great counterpart to the oddly transport inspired lyrics.
      > Pale Saints - THROWING BACK THE APPLE
      > This came late in the day for the original line up of the band, but was I
      > think their finest hour. Throwing back the apple is an example of why the
      > Pale Saints were one of my favourite bands in the early nineties. It has
      > a complex rhythm, sweet vocals and excellent melodies. Melody wise, they
      > always had a knack of throwing you a curved ball when you were expecting a
      > straight and this song is no exception. Adding female vocals for this and
      > later songs only made the whole package sweeter.
      > The Smiths – Please please please let me get what I want this time
      > If you're going to wallow in misery, you should do it properly. This to me
      > is what The Smiths are all about. Yes, they can fill the dance floor with
      > William and Charming Man, but at Morrissey's core, you just know he just
      > wants to be back under the covers crying about the unbearable lightness of
      > being. This swan song should have been their last, but instead came
      > somewhere in the middle. It doesn't really matter, because I never tire of
      > listening to it, and taken at face value, its one of the saddest and most
      > poignant songs ever written.
      > My Bloody Valentine - SUE IS FINE
      > Yes, the mix could have been clearer, the production bigger and the
      > mastering louder, but to complain about any of these things would be to
      > miss the point. This song is the proverbial indie rollercoaster revelling
      > in something that is difficult to define but lots of fun to indulge in. It
      > smacks along at a pace that you feel even the band are struggling to keep
      > up with and the drums I suspect, are actually being played by an octopus.
      > Put this on the deck. Turn it to 11. Watch the night club explode.
      > Kate Bush - WUTHERING HEIGHTS
      > Ok – this seems the odd one out here? Quite frankly, it could be put in
      > any top ten and still be the odd one out. It's just strange and beautiful
      > and a little bit scary, like some alien goddess that's just come floating
      > out of a UFO and declared intergalactic war on the human race. It doesn't
      > really sit comfortably in any genre, which I love, and defied the ability
      > of most music critics to review in any meaningful sense. A review after
      > all is relative, and since this sounds like it was written in a different
      > dimension, the rules ceased to apply. Although many pretenders to the
      > sound have come and gone in the intervening years, this debut by Kate Bush
      > is still rightly cherished as the original and best.
      > Air started to play around with more acoustic instruments in the album
      > penned for the Virgin Suicide, not least the acoustic drums, and the result
      > is an album with more breathing space and feel than their debut Moon
      > Safari. Playground love stands out for me because of this, but also
      > because it perfectly caught the sonic mood and feel of the childhood era it
      > was striving to emulate. The hooks and melody are all Air and superb for
      > it, but the melancholy pathos and remembrance of times gone are the main
      > reason to listen to this song.
      > Sneaker Pimps - HOW DO
      > I think this is the only cover in my list. It's from a song written by
      > Paul Giovanni, itself based on a poem, for the film "Wicker Man". Some
      > people (mainly men of a certain age) of are fond of recalling this song
      > since Britt Eckland managed to sing the entire thing without any clothes
      > on. Moving on three decades, and the trip hop outfit, Sneaker Pimps
      > decided to do a cover. It's a great cover because it manages to ensure the
      > integrity of the original folk melody whilst adding some great depth with
      > the use of electronica. The first time I heard it, I fell in love and it
      > still holds the same appeal for me today.
      > Suzanne Vega - THE QUEEN AND SOLDIER
      > From Suzanne Vegas self titled debut album, this is a richly dark, gothic
      > fairy tale, accompanied by Suzanne Vegas' sweet vocals and a sublime folk
      > melody, telling of the ultimate sacrifice. Why is this not in everybody's
      > top ten?
      > KATHRYN'S TOP 10
      > Yeah Yeah Yeahs MAPS
      > Just because
      > Arctic Monkeys - 505 & CORNERSTONE
      > Big fan of the monkeys and these songs make me smile
      > Rachel Goldstar - DISTANT SEAS
      > Literally took my breath away hearing this live in Berlin & Hamburg this
      > October (as did a later incident in a dorm in Hamburg (hee hee)). Beautiful
      > song
      > Tnichy Stryder FT N-Dubz - NUMBER 1
      > My VERY guilty pleasure of this year. But it lifts me and makes me dance
      > like a loon
      > Placebo - EVERY YOU EVERY ME
      > Makes me dance like a loon too
      > The Cure - JUST LIKE HEAVEN
      > Aw, it's the cure, it's late 80's and I'm regressing as I hurtle towards 40
      > Girls Aloud - UNTOUCHABLE
      > because you can take the girl out of pop, but you cant take pop out of the
      > girl
      > The Pigeon Detectives - EVERYBODY WANTS ME
      > A great reminder of SXSW, and kept me company on my daily run along a
      > beautiful New Zealand beach
      > Kate Nash - BIRDS
      > Aagain another SXSW happy memory, a travel companion since, and love the
      > chorus lyrics/story
      > SCOTT"S TOP 10
      > Belle and Sebastian - A CENTURY OF FAKERS
      > This is the first B&S record I ever bought and I don't even know why I did
      > - I'd never heard them before buying this. Maybe it was meant to be but it
      > started my 10 year love affair with the band. Their records helped me
      > through a painful long-term girlfriend break up and unless they diversify
      > into contemporary jazz then I will always be their number one fan!
      > Poppyheads - SUN SHINES FOREVER (Sha La La flexi)
      > This was the first song on a compilation tape made for me by a guy called
      > Matthew Evans (who later played in Tramway). This was the first true DIY
      > indie pop song I ever heard at the age of 16 and changed the direction of
      > my music taste forever. I'm forever indebted to Matthew for a musical
      > education in many ways.
      > The Carpenters - SUPERSTAR
      > My parents used to always listen to their Carpenters-dominated record
      > collection on a Sunday evening and at the time I probably thought this was
      > so uncool but call it nostalgia `Superstar' is a classic tune with angelic
      > vocals from Karen Carpenter.
      > My Bloody Valentine - CUPID COME (from Isn't Anything)
      > `Isn't Anything' is a stroke of genius and Cupid Come sums up the album;
      > sexy, beautiful, understated vocals, sparse, tremolo guitar and Colm's
      > intense rhythmic machine-like drumming. It was also significant because
      > Jamie and I had just started writing together and it provided this sense of
      > `this is how good you could be', even though we never could of course...
      > The Sea Urchins - PRISTINE CHRISTINE
      > This is just about the most perfect 7" I own and perhaps the first and best
      > record that was ever released on Sarah Records. Pristine Christine is an
      > indie pop jangly gem and Sullen Eyes and Everglades are no slouches either!
      > Primal Scream - IMPERIAL (from Sonic Flower Groove)
      > Reminds me of a perfect summer - 17 years old, playing for a cool indie
      > band called the Panda Pops, meeting my first proper girlfriend, hanging out
      > with Jamie for the first time. This song was always playing and still their
      > best album in my opinion!
      > Tears Run Rings - WORLD UPSIDE DOWN (from the album Always, Sometimes,
      > Seldom, Never)
      > This was my personal soundtrack to our midwest US tour in 2006. I love
      > Tears Run Rings, the people and the music and this reminds me of our
      > adventures together, all squashed in a van traveling through bizarre cities
      > in crazy weather conditions. The whole tour was an experience I will never
      > ever forget.
      > I only discovered this band last year after about their third album but I
      > love everything they do. This is another perfect slice of shoegazy/electro
      > pop. When I first discovered this on Last FM I bought all of their albums
      > imeadiately without hearing anything else and wasn't disappointed.
      > Beach Boys - GOD ONLY KNOWS
      > I don't know if other people have this but this is my `default' song locked
      > in my brain. If I were to randomly hum something at any given moment it
      > would be this.
      > Portishead - GLORY BOX
      > This song and their debut album reminds me of my early twenties, having
      > fun, finding my way after uni, making lasting friendships and a carefree
      > existence. Glory Box a beautiful song on a groundbreaking album and
      > watching Portishead at the Bristol Ashton Court music festival was one of
      > my favourite gigs ever!
      > DEAN's TOP 10
      > Ride - VAPOUR TRAIL
      > Watching Mark and the boys on Top of the Pops back in 1989 was the moment I
      > realised I wanted to sing in a band.
      > The start of this song reminds me of the song used in the Hovis bread
      > advert. Sad songs are always the best.
      > My Vitriol - ALWAYS YOUR WAY
      > Blown away by the power of this band live.
      > Thompson Twins - DOCTOR, DOCTOR
      > A band that I grew up with and loved from the moment I heard them. Remember
      > being aloud to stay up late to watch them on Live Aid live from the states.
      > Blur - END OF A CENTURY
      > One of my favourite bands from the Britpop era. Very excited about seeing
      > them at Glastonbury in 1996 that spent all day drinking and ended up
      > passing out half way through their set.
      > Brilliant Corners - BRIAN RIX
      > The lead singer doesn't like me much but one of my favourite early indie
      > tunes.
      > Depeche Mode - ENJOY THE SILENCE
      > Brilliant song that always seems to come up on all of my playlists! One of
      > my last conversations with Tim was about doing a cover of this song in the
      > Shine.
      > Strangelove - TIME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
      > Genius band who never made it big! Brilliant musicians and the tortured
      > soul Patrick Duff was a great frontman... they're also from Bristol.
      > Placebo - COME HOME
      > Just a brilliant tune!
      > PJ Harvey - YOU SAID SOMETHING
      > You have to listen to this when you're in New York!"
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