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Re: outrageous & charming (Moz concert)

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  • sidewaysgaze
    Hey thrillracer - I haven t heard (well, watched) Morrissey on George Lopez yet. It s somewhere in my recordings and I ll get to it soon. It s too bad his
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 18, 2009
      Hey thrillracer -

      I haven't heard (well, watched) Morrissey on George Lopez yet. It's somewhere in my recordings and I'll get to it soon. It's too bad his voice was cracking for that show! At least you got to see him in better form.

      He's looking like mighty dapper in his suits... ;)

      So what does he have out now? An album called Swords? Is it a comp album or ?? I'm am so behind on all this! :0


      Message from thrillracer:

      The show was quite good (although not one of Mozzer's faves--see below), much
      more enjoyable than past ones I've seen. Moz shows are stressful because you
      can't just kick back and enjoy the show; if you do that you won't be able to see
      one thing, and what's the point? Hearing the songs? You can hear better versions
      on your CDs. I was all the way in the back, so I could stand on the chair and
      see with my glasses, but I wish I hadn't left my binoculars in the car. Oh well.
      I liked "Black Cloud" & "Ganglord"; also, he played 2 b-sides I hadn't heard
      yet, and they were okay. Moz performed the show well, but the next evening on
      the George Lopez show his voice was cracking. He didn't have that problem in San
      Diego. The venue was a lot nicer than past ones I've seen him in, too. They had
      a PeTA table; they also had lots of mini-bars. I was soooo thirsty, but I didn't
      dare waste any of the $50 I made selling my extra ticket (won a pair on 91X!) I
      held my thirst until I got home and it was soooo right on! Aside from giving
      Moz my business card I also wrote in the Christmas card that he should throw his
      arms around Paris, Texas because only vacant lots accept his love. Did he get
      it? I also exchanged business cards w/ a dude, Efrem, who was taping the show
      with a video camera in a pillow. He ended up leaving a lot of immature messages
      on my business voicemail (he wants to be my boyfriend, etc.) You can call him at
      619-501-XXXX. Funny thing, I was actually surrounded by a lot of rude Moz fanz
      from the past, but didn't even know it. I just didn't recognize these people
      (although I did a few double takes) and they didn't bother me, so everything was
      nice even though once-hostile Moz fanz were lurking.
      I can post the set-list in the picture section.
      So anyway, if Moz puts together a new legal team, shouldn't I be on it?

      thrillracer, esq.

      --- In Stratosphere_Fanzine@yahoogroups.com, "thrillracer1" <thrillracer@...> wrote:
      > Remember last year I posted a theory that Moz got inspiration for "This Charming Man" from Alan Price Set's "Simon Smith & the Amazing Dancing Bear"? Well, before the concert last night Moz played a mix of retro-videos and that was one of them! Then he kicked off his show w/ "This Charming Man." Coincidence?
      > I made a Christmas card for Moz w/ my business card inside and managed to fling it to him while he was exiting the venue & getting in his car. When the car left my card had been taken w/ it! (But someone's poster didn't make it. Heheheh.)
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