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My Monthly Music Discoveries - December 2009.

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  • sidewaysgaze
    1. Milke – Okay, I m going to go out on a looong limb and say that Milke should be bigger than Lady GaGa. LOL Catchy dance-pop, sweet, yearning melodies,
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      1. Milke – Okay, I'm going to go out on a looong limb and say that Milke should be bigger than Lady GaGa. LOL Catchy dance-pop, sweet, yearning melodies, shades of Jamiroquai, Robin Thicke, and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley – Milke should have it made…Check out the tunes "Love Get Out of My Way" and "Maybe I'm Crazy":

      2. mr. Gnome – I've interviewed Nicole and Sam for Delusions Of Adequacy and written up a review of "Spain" for same said site and I can't get enough of the band's eerie, ethereal, surreal, atmospheric sound that can go from childhood fairy tale fancies to nightmares lickety-split, with Nicole's sharp but airy vocals that recall a hybrid of Alison Shaw and Sinead O'Connor (and sometimes Cat Power or Natasha Khan) and Sam's kinetic, heavy drumming. New album Heave Yer Skeleton is out now. Check out "Slow Slide" and "Pirates":

      3. Maribel – If you're into Serena-Maneesh, My Bloody Valentine, and/or A Place To Bury Strangers, you will be taken by Norway's Maribel. Distorted guitar feedback stings and drones against relentless drum beats, while breathy male and female vocals drift in the tumultuous ether…Pleasure and pain in equal measure…

      4. Bitter Ruin - Georgia and Sam create stunning vignettes of intense, cathartic emotion with Georgia deftly scaling up `n' down in vocal register and with Ben on accompanying vocals and stark acoustic strikes. Call it dark cabaret, call it alt-folk noir, it's captivating. You can't go wrong with "Trust":

      5. Babybird, AKA Stephen Jones – I first read about Babybird in an old NME, but had never heard any tunes, then I stumbled upon an NME-sponsored mix CD with a track from Stephen and I was chilled to the bone by the quietly traumatic theme ("…take me back to the place where it happened…") and Stephen's anguished and angry delivery. I'm not sure how his other songs measure up, and what's posted to MySpace don't seem to be killer…

      6. Susan Gardener – When you think "electronic" music, you think of a guy creating the tunage, right, even if there are airy female vocals, like on many a Delerium track? Susan is a rare female in the pack who produces varied and contemplative numbers, from the sinuous stream of "Daisy, Let the Show Begin" to the Cylon-infused menace on the opening of "A Forest" to the club thump of "Hissing and Spitting" to the shiny, high-pitched blips on "26486"…

      7. Saint Bernadette – Don't fret - Saint B will save you from dullness and drudgery with songs that either rock (with lead singer Meredith sounding like Ann Wilson of Heart) or roll like a smooth 50s girl group tune (kinda like neo-retro Gemma Ray who I've blathered on about also):

      8. Pariah Piranha – If you want to go down memory lane to a time when women yelled, growled, and sounded dangerous, or at least way PO'd, railing away amid sludgy guitar riffs, low-end bass, and speedy drumming, then look no further than to this band to carry the torch of L7, Teen Angels, Babes In Toyland, and Bikini Kill. Take "Green Rooms" (with Nirvana-like riffage) for a nostalgic spin…

      9. Monsters Are Waiting - …and we'll keep waiting on this band, because it's defunct, I think, but I'm not sure…but the tunes up at MySpace are sweet – Annalee's vocals are very Scarling-like mixed with a bit of KatieJane Garside or her sis Melanie Garside. Check out "Don't Lie":

      10. Frida Sundemo – Light, delicate, airy, child-like, with a hint of clouds. Contemplative pop from Frida in Sweden.

      ...And Now For Something Completely Different...and Funny - video clips from Hot Fuzz (by the peeps that brought you Spaced and Shaun of the Dead). These are some short clips I found on YouTube. The movie itself is much funnier and crazier than what the following suggest:

      1. Garden Shortcut:

      2. "You've got a mustache.":

      3. Brain Freeze!:

      4. Perfect accent:

      5. Notepad:

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