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Official News from Venice Is Sinking: Raising money for our third album!

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  • sidewaysgaze
    Venice is Sinking: raising money to press third album and rebuild the historic Georgia Theatre! And download a new song of ours from WOXY while you re at it!
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2009
      Venice is Sinking: raising money to press third album and rebuild the historic Georgia Theatre!

      And download a new song of ours from WOXY while you're at it!

      Hey everybody!

      It's Venice is Sinking here, and we need your help. We are raising money to press our third album via Kickstarter.com and we'd love for you to donate/spread the word/be our sugar daddies. We'd love for it to come out as soon as possible, particularly since we're giving all proceeds to the fine folks at the now-defunct Georgia Theatre.

      The album has been in a can for over a year now, as we were waiting for our second album AZAR to be released. The new one was recorded for one wonderful week at the historic Georgia Theatre, live to tape with only two mics. David Barbe, Drive-By Truckers producer and ex-Sugar bassist oversaw the whole operation. We've been very excited about putting it out on vinyl, seeing as the recording process was so old-fashioned. Unfortunately, the Georgia Theatre, a beautiful old theater that stood as a keystone in the Athens music scene, burned down on the morning of June 19th. Having spent so much time there preparing and recording the album, we were crestfallen. At first, we didn't know what to do. We worried about seeming exploitative in the face of this tragedy, but having consulted with the Theatre staff and owner Wilmot Greene, we've decided to push through with the release of the album, particularly since our album stands as a document of the Theater's peculiar and wonderful acoustics.

      You can donate money here:


      $20 gets you a preorder of the new album! For $2000 we'll write a song for you! Lots of other great rewards there! Help the Theatre rebuild and help us press our third album.

      Wanna know what it sounds like? We stopped by WOXY a few weeks ago and debuted a new song, "Bardstown Road" on their Lounge Act program. "Bardstown Road" is the next-to-last song on the Georgia Theatre Album (title still TBD). This version is a bit different than the recorded one, but it gives you a taste of things to come:


      Wow! James is really rocking those bass vocals! Anyway, you can download the whole session here:


      Thanks for your time! We love you!

      Venice is Sinking

      For more information, interview requests, and copies of our albums, contact us at veniceissinking [at] gmail [dot] com or 706-247-0386.
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