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My Top 10 Entertaining Music Videos.

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  • Jen
    In honor of April Fool s Day, I give you some visual amuse-gueule: 1. Sabotage / Beastie Boys - The granddaddy of em all, set in a 1970s setting, with
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      In honor of April Fool's Day, I give you some visual amuse-gueule:

      1. Sabotage / Beastie Boys - The granddaddy of 'em all, set in a
      1970s setting, with donut-devouring detectives sporting
      righteous 'stashes, sideburns, and sunglasses, undercover bellboys
      and cooks, going-nowhere foot and car chases, kung-fu moves, and
      lots more:

      2. Buddy Holly /Weezer - Directed by Spike Jonze, the guys of Weezer
      are edited into an episode of the TV show Happy Days - how can you
      top that?:
      Well maybe with Keep Fishin' / Weezer, where they employ the help of
      The Muppets:

      3. Knights of Cydonia / Muse - An extremely epic and a-muse-ing

      4. Monster / The Automatic Automatic - the new kids on the block,
      but they come up with a winner - wearing disguises (a nod to the
      Beastie Boys?), the band members search for "monsters", including a
      dancing Big Foot and a head-bopping Nessie, then proceed to parody
      Queen before being vaporized by aliens...:

      5. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) / My Chemical Romance - Okay, is this
      song a serious socio-emo commentary on today's youth culture, and a
      rallying cry for the underdog, or just a snarky blast of high school
      shenanigans and come-uppances? You decide:

      6. No One Knows / Queens Of The Stone Age - aka, Revenge Of The
      Deer. Best - Deer Video - Ever:

      7. Bat Country / Avenged Sevenfold - Taking a page of Hunter S.
      Thompson's Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Avenged Sevenfold take a
      detour into bat country, and pop-eyed wackiness ensues (along with a
      killer twin guitar solo):

      8. Smooth Criminal / Alien Ant Farm - a cover of Michael Jackson
      song, and chock-a-block with references to the Gloved One, including
      a giant silver glove chair, a chimp (named Bubbles?), raised arm 'n'
      crotch-grabbing nonsense (with a defiant "Whoo!", no less),
      werewolves (or is that zombies?), and much more:

      9. Absolutely Fabulous / Pet Shop Boys - Filled with electro-beat
      and sound bites (and video bites) from the viper-tongued Patsy and
      clueless Edina of the British TV series Absolutely Fabulous, this is
      one funny video, sweetie, darling...

      10. November Spawned A Monster / Morrissey - The chronically
      (winkingly) depressed Morrissey takes his dramatic song lyrics, sings
      them in a moaning, melodramatic style, and then, in this video,
      proceeds to focus the spotlight solely on himself, preening and
      writhing, and sticking an apple in his mouth - because he knows he's
      such a ham, and can't bear to let the camera off him!

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