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DulceSky comes back with Ride cover, EP

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  • Oliver V./ DulceSky
    DulceSky Comes back with Ride cover, EP. Two years on from their debut album Lands, which found a spot in Jack Rabid s (Big Take Over) top 40 and made a mark
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2008
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      DulceSky Comes back with Ride cover, EP.


      Two years on from their debut album Lands, which found a spot in Jack Rabid’s (Big Take Over) top 40 and made a mark on college radio charts, DulceSky is back with the Unfamiliar EP, a four-song recording that includes a version of the Ride song “Unfamiliar” and three new compositions.

      Always reluctant to play covers, DulceSky saw the opportunity to contribute to a Ride tribute album as the perfect time to re-align the band’s collective minds. “Unfamiliar,” a classic in its own right, was an easy choice. DulceSky struggled during practice to come up with a version they could feel proud of, initially imitating the original version, then slowing it down and changing a few dynamics before enlisting the help of technology.

      It all started with a beat from a Groovebox sampler. The rest is better registered in the recording itself, a dance-y yet powerful version of “Unfamiliar,” keeping the original’s melancholic vocals and insistent bass line while adding an almost disco-sounding beat.


      Buoyed by their cover’s success, and reluctant to shelve the song when the Ride compilation’s release stalled, DulceSky recorded three new songs that comprise the balance of the EP.


      “Icon of Distress” is a politically charged slow burner with the band’s trademark textured guitars; “In Your Way” is an atmospheric ode to reconciliation; and the elegiac “Ana in a Dream” is a deeply personal and beautiful song featuring acoustic strumming and arpeggios (elements rarely heard in the DulceSky camp) on a bed of shimmering keyboards.


      Fans of Lands will be excited by the confident songwriting and production on display in the Unfamiliar EP. Produced by the band and Matt Winegar (Primus, Tom Waits, The Church), the record is the next chapter in an evolving discography that sees Oliver Valenzuela, his brother Daniel, and Mitchell Razon expanding their sound and honing their craft.


      The Unfamiliar EP is released on April 22 by DulceSky’s own Nueve Music label, with distribution assistance from Salt Lake City-based label EW Recs.



      Unfamiliar EP Tracklist:


      1. Unfamiliar
      2. Icon of Distress
      3. In Your Way
      4. Ana in a Dream


                     # # #


      DulceSky HQ







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