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Official News from Secret Shine and Ruby Throat.

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  • Jen
    Secret Shine Play South By Southwest: Breaking news... Secret Shine have been invited to play South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, March 2008. We are totally
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      Secret Shine Play South By Southwest:

      Breaking news...

      Secret Shine have been invited to play South by Southwest in Austin,
      March 2008. We are totally made up to play such a prestigious music
      and want to thank the people at Clairecords for their continued
      Without them this wouldn't have been possible.

      The gig at SXSW will be part of our two week tour of the States in
      2008. We will provide more info on dates, cities, venues just as
      soon as
      we know ourselves.

      The gig and tour will coincide with the release of our new album
      which is
      provisionally called 'Café Crash' but this may change. It has a few

      Speak soon


      Secret Shine | www.secretshine.co.uk


      Ruby Throat's The Ventriloquist Limited Edition Release:

      hello everyone

      ruby throat 'the ventriloquist'

      we are releasing a limited edition run of 500 copies, numbered,
      signed and dated of the above mentioned album, track listing as

      swan and minotaur (troubled man)
      house of thieves
      naked ruby
      salto angel
      dear daniel
      the ventriloquist
      lie to me
      ghost boy
      john 3.16
      happy now

      the album goes on sale on the 8th nov (to be posted out on the 22nd
      nov) at paypal links on www.katiejanegarside.com,
      www.myspace.com/katiejanegarsiderubythroat and

      we have found some beautiful very old vintage red leather in india
      (taken from old ledger books) and have hand bound it ourselves into
      new books (13cm/13cm square), the cd in a pocket in a cloth pocket in
      the back and pages filled with pinhole photography by chris and ink
      drawings by kjg, there will also be a 'this book belongs to....' page
      at the front where kj will handwrite the recipient's name on request

      the package will cost £29.00 plus post and packing

      these things are so hard to explain and write about, this is an email
      chris just sent me -

      "don't want to write this dont want to write this dont want to. tues
      23, just spoke to tim. going to buy trousers with friend.
      he says his are unmannageable. Heavy weight gain means the friction
      in the crotch area leaves massive holes within a week. jogging
      bottoms at the moment. Courdorouy out of the question as this renders
      an insect noise that is very disturbing and draws very questionable
      glances. my life seems good on balance. The Album is done, the indian
      recycled leather sachets are piled on floor, and we just have to put
      it together and finish it. But I don't want to. When it's done that
      might be it. a year and a half recording(probably longer), writing,
      re-writing, ditching, resurrecting....and there it is. CD.
      dissappointing. not like it was in the room...the first time, songs
      reeling out, the evenings passing on. But then, music was never meant
      to be recorded. we've done our best...no engineers...just friends
      studios as home. But, you know, it's close. mostly first takes. and
      mostly improvised. A beam from somewhere else. but now we have to
      sell it.

      sounds like liner notes from bad beat record!
      note--stop drinking"

      this has been a labour of love and we have done every detail of it
      from beginning to end ourselves, to explain - doing a limited edition
      run should make us a little money after our manufacturing costs, then
      we buy food and shelter for a couple of months to begin another
      record and so it goes on, we know the price tag is high for some and
      do understand this, we hope to release a standard version of the
      album next year, anyway buy your limited edition and flog it for high
      prices the next day on ebay being the way of things these days, ha ha

      much love to all as ever
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