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Re: [Stratosphere_Fanzine] If you happen to be in Atlanta this weekend...

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  • lisa brown
    Should be interesting. I might go. oneconstantpitch wrote: ...You should check this event out.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 22, 2007
      Should be interesting. I might go.

      oneconstantpitch <oneconstantpitch@...> wrote:
      ...You should check this event out.

      Nophi Records Presents:
      ++++++++++++ ++++
      SPARK! - Episode II
      8:00 PM ATLANTA.

      Featuring the sounds of:
      ++++++++++++ +++++++++

      Venue Information:
      ++++++++++++ ++++
      142 Flat Shoals Ave SE
      Atlanta, GA 30316
      (678) 528-9901

      $7 Admission includes a free coffee drink.

      All Ages Welcome
      Dogs Welcome
      BYOB Welcome
      Sh*tty Attitudes Not Welcome

      View the flyer:
      ++++++++++++ ++++
      http://www.randygar cia.com/uploaded _images/SPARK080 7_SMALL-780421. jpg

      Read Some Press:
      ++++++++++++ ++++
      "SPARK! will join a slew of special events manifested by Nophi Recordings,
      whose past work includes the Nophest series of wild music parties and the
      2007 Atlanta Laptop Battle. SPARK! promises to sway more towards the
      intimate, given their partnership with Parkgrounds. This unique coffee
      bar/bakery was founded as a utopia where one can relax AND bring one's
      canine best friend Parkgrounds also offers a cold cereal bar, an array of
      homemade cupcakes, and a floor completely tiled with pictures of their doggy

      This exciting new event – dubbed by Nophi Records as 'a gathering of
      electronic musicians and the fans that love them' - will be held on the last
      Saturday of every month. In the spirit of their enterprise as an independent
      'boutique' record label, offering services such as Phitunes (an online
      distributor of digital releases), Nophi launches SPARK! to promote the
      growth of the Atlanta electronic music scene, to showcase up-and-coming
      artists, and to make new friends."

      Fussy? Opinionated? Impossible to please? Perfect. Join Yahoo!'s user panel and lay it on us.

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