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Official Secret Shine News: What news from the Secret Shine camp?

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  • Jen
    Sad news first. Keith Girdler of Blueboy sadly passed away on 15 May 2007 after a battle against cancer. I can t say that I knew Keith very well but we played
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2007
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      Sad news first. Keith Girdler of Blueboy sadly passed away on 15 May
      after a battle against cancer. I can't say that I knew Keith very
      well but
      we played lots of gigs with Blueboy back in the early/mid nineties and
      Blueboy's first single `Clearer' came out on Sarah on the same day as
      first EP `After Years'. I remember talking to Keith around that time
      both of us sharing similar excitement about our records. Despite the
      differing musical directions of our respective bands, Keith and
      wrote some really beautiful, melodic pop songs and we're hugely
      amongst the Sarah `set' and beyond. Our thoughts and condolences go
      to all
      his friends and family.

      June 7th was Secret Shine's first and last gig of 2007. Thanks to
      who turned up to the Louisiana in Bristol. It was a great night and we
      really enjoyed airing a couple of the new album tracks. Also playing
      night were The Great Admirers and Vincent Callan; both artistes have
      recently released material on the Secret Shine `communal' label
      `Razorblade'. If you want to find out more about these two acts then
      their myspace sites (myspace.com/thegreatadmirers and

      A week after our gig I found myself back in the Louisiana watching the
      Beatnik Filmstars - a band who I hadn't seen since Secret Shine
      played with
      them back in 1995!! It was great to see some familiar faces, even if
      looking a little older...and that includes myself - the hairs that are
      failing out of my head these days are grey :( Also on the bill that
      we're a Bristol band called `Countryside'. I was vaguely familiar
      with them
      having met them at a soundcheck last year but I'd never seen them
      play out
      their set. I have to tell you I was blown away by this band. They
      elements of Flaming Lips, Grandaddy and the shoegaze thing, as well
      as the
      grunge and invention of the Pixies. Their songs have those grandiose,
      to-die-for hooks but are also allowed to meander and hover in the
      I've since met Stephen from the band and he's a top bloke. I'm hoping
      persuade them to release a record on Razorblade, if they're not
      snapped up
      by some major before I get the chance!

      But back to all things Secret Shine. It's pretty exciting here at the
      moment. The album tracks are starting to really `grow' (not in length
      stature of course) in rehearsals and we can't wait to start recording.
      We're scheduled to record in September with an album release date
      certainly for Jan 2008. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to divulge
      details yet
      but an American deal is pretty much in place for the release and we
      actually have some UK label interest - even if slightly vague at the
      moment. Because of our intentions to get this album recorded and out
      `properly' then all live plans for 2007 have been scrapped, including
      planned trip back to America in November...BUT, we've started to
      love the live thing so we intend 2008 to be one big Secret Shine
      well, if nothing else then a US tour is imminent. Wherever you are -
      your bags and come and join us there!

      And as I write this it's Sunday evening, June 24th. Jamie, Dean and
      are all at Glastonbury watching The Who or Shirley Bassey in the
      rain up to their knees in mud. We're only a few miles from Glasto
      here in
      Bristol and as the latest storm passed over my house I texted Dean to
      of it's imminent arrival. `It's already here' was his down-hearted
      reply. I
      know I sound smug sat in my cosy house watching the Glastonbury tv
      as yet another NME favourite take to the stage to play their set by
      but I'm not sure if this festival holds any real magic any more. It's
      probably age or cynicism, or just nostalgic reflection on the couple
      times I went in the early nineties when the current breed of
      celebrity Pete
      Doherty-chasing music fans we're still the minority.

      This week it's my thirty sixth birthday and I'm not saying that to
      encourage birthday greetings or presents (an ipod would be cool) but I
      realise I've been part of Secret Shine now for 16 years!

      Next time I get in touch I'm hoping it'll be to tell you that, after
      long, we'll be uploading some more downloadable stuff on to the site,
      including some clips from our trip to America last year.

      Until then, take it easy

      Scott x

      Secret Shine | www.secretshine.co.uk
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