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Even More Music News: Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, Blonde Redhead,

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    Nick Cave, Low, Jimmy Eat World, Madonna, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Arab Strap, Sea and Cake, Kaiser Chiefs, and Arcade Fire. Sigur Ros get started on new
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      Nick Cave, Low, Jimmy Eat World, Madonna, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth,
      Arab Strap, Sea and Cake, Kaiser Chiefs, and Arcade Fire.

      Sigur Ros get started on new album
      The follow-up to 'Takk' is under way
      Sigur Ros have started recording their new album, and expect it to be
      completed within the year.

      Despite having already recorded a number of songs for the follow-up
      to 2005's 'Takk', the band are still unsure as to what direction the
      new material is taking them.

      In a message posted on the band's website, bassist George Holm
      admits: "We don't know exactly where the album is heading yet. We are
      really just experimenting at this stage. Some of the songs we
      recorded are old songs which we had written a while ago, unreleased
      material which we never got a chance to finish."

      The band are set to perform a benefit for Tibet House at Carnegie
      Hall in New York next month, as part of a line-up which includes
      Philip Glass and Patti Smith. Tibet House is an organization co-
      founded by Robert Thurman, father of Uma...



      My Bloody Valentine set to record again
      Kevin Shields: 'I will make another great record'
      My Bloody Valentine are set to make another album, according to
      leader Kevin Shields.

      The band's last LP was 1991's 'Loveless', while Shields' also
      contributed new tracks to the Sofia Coppola-directed 'Lost In
      Translation' soundtrack in 2004. He also remixed Bow Wow Wow
      for 'Marie Antoinette''s soundtrack by the same director.

      However, recently discussing the possibility of a third 'proper' My
      Bloody Valentine album, Shields said the prospects looked very

      "I do feel that I will make another great record," he explained. "We
      are 100 per cent going to make another My Bloody Valentine record
      unless we die or something."

      Talking to Magnet magazine, Shields added that the delay so far had
      been down to a lack of inspiration.

      "A lot of people say the reason My Bloody Valentine didn't make
      another record is because we couldn't," he noted. "That's mostly
      true, but not because we couldn't make another record, but because I
      never could be bothered to make another record unless I was excited
      by it. And just by fate or whatever, that never happened.

      "I'd feel really bad if I didn't make another record. Like, 'Shit,
      people only got the first two chapters, but the last bit is the best

      However the star admitted he was not sure when a new album would
      appear, explaining: "How long will that take to transpire into an
      actual physical record? I don't know."



      Blonde Redhead reveal new album details
      They're also heading out on the road
      Blonde Redhead have revealed details of their new album and have also
      confirmed a US tour to promote it.

      '23' will be released on April 10, with a North American tour kicking
      off April 13 in Detroit. The band will also preview tracks from the
      album at a show at SXSW on March 14.

      Recorded at Magic Shop studios in New York , '23' features 10 tracks
      including '23', 'The Dress'. 'Heroine' and 'Top Ranking'.

      The tracklisting is:

      'The Dress'
      'Spring and by Summer Fall'
      'Top Ranking'
      'My Impure Hair'



      Nick Cave's side project reveal album details
      Full details of Grinderman's debut unveiled
      Nick Cave and several of his band The Bad Seeds have revealed the
      tracklisting for the album they are releasing under the name
      Grinderman later this year.

      As previously reported, the band features Cave on vocals and guitar,
      backed by Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos.

      The eponymous LP, which is reported to be "foul-mouthed and noisy",
      will be released on March 5.

      The tracklisting is:

      'Get It On'
      'No Pussy Blues'
      'Electric Alice'
      'Depth Charge Ethel'
      'Go Tell The Women'
      '(I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free'
      'Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)'
      'Man In The Moon'
      'When My Love Comes Down'
      'Love Bomb'

      The track 'No Pussy Blues' can be heard on the band's MySpace site



      Low reveal details of new album
      The band's eighth LP has some surprising influences
      Low's forthcoming album has been influenced by some surprising
      sources, frontman Alan Sparhawk told NME.COM.

      'Drums And Guns', due out on March 20 in the US and the UK, is quite
      a "departure" for the Minnesota-based trio.

      "It sounds very different," the singer/guitarist said of the band's
      eighth studio album. "We're using samples in a loose way. Many of the
      song structures are based on a recurring, raw sound. The technique is
      closer to the way early hip-hop records were put together than the
      way we've made albums in the past.

      "The best hip-hop artists take a self-effacing, yet self-aggrandising
      tone. They acknowledge that they're speaking to someone. Indie rock
      sometimes forgets that. This album feels more like I'm speaking to
      someone," Sparhawk said.

      Low have been known for their slowcore, dark indie rock sound, so it
      may come as a surprise that Sparhawk also cites reggae and dub music
      as further influences.

      "We're always trying to make something unique and listen to different
      things," he said. "Lately we've been listening to a lot of reggae and
      dub, which has had an influence on this album. So has hanging out
      with local hip-hop bands. It's opened my eyes to new things."

      Sparhawk said that the main theme of 'Drums And Guns' is "murder and
      the justification of it. But it's not just a bunch of murder ballads -
      it grapples with questions and tries to find some answers".

      As previously announced, next month Low will embark on a tour in
      support of the new album that includes stops in the UK, the US and



      Jimmy Eat World close to finishing new album
      The follow-up to 2004's 'Futures' is on the way
      Jimmy Eat World are close to completion of their first album in three

      The band recorded the follow-up to 2004's 'Futures' at their
      rehearsal space in Tempe, Arizona, and have been working with famed
      producer and Garbage member Butch Vig on the record.

      Speaking to Billboard, Vig revealed: "The record is quite eclectic.
      There are three or four songs that sound like classic Jimmy Eat
      World, with angular, razor-sharp guitars. There are a couple that are
      a lot more dreamy, and some that are very groove-acious. Anybody who
      is fan will like this record."

      Tracks on the as-yet untitled album are reported to include 'Big
      Casino'[b/], 'Be Sensible' and 'Firefight'. It is set for a summer



      Madonna: new album has 'new sound'
      Producer Stuart Price speaks out
      Madonna's producer Stuart Price has said that
      her new album will contain a "new sound".

      Price also mentioned that the album, the follow up to
      2005' 'Confessions On A Dance Floor', will be out this year.

      The producer told entertainment channel E! that the new album has
      a "new sound". He added that duo had worked with some: "top producers
      that are in fashion right now". However, he did not mention who the
      collaborations were with.

      As previously reported, Madonna is set to release a DVD/CD live
      album 'The Confessions Tour Live From London' on January 29.


      Patti Smith covers Nirvana
      New album also includes Dylan and Hendrix tracks
      Patti Smith has covered Nirvana for a new record due out later this

      The punk icon, who has been chosen for inducted into the Rock and
      Roll Hall of Fame in March, is set to release a covers record, which
      will also include tracks by the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix,
      Jefferson Airplane and Neil Young.

      Although Smith has not revealed which songs she has recorded, she has
      said that the as-yet untitled album will feature appearances from
      Television's Tom Verlaine, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and the Black
      Crowes' Richard Robinson.

      Smith told Billboard: "It has been a real adventure doing these
      songs. I've always wanted to do a covers record, but I didn't think I
      had the range. But now, I feel really on the top of my game and ready
      to tackle a lot of different songs I thought had strong and relevant



      Sonic Youth, Murdoch, Watt, Suzuki on Future Pilot LP
      Also: members of the Go-Betweens and Fire Engines

      Sure, my mom's high school friend once dated the lead singer of the
      band that would become Styx (true story), but when it comes to the
      musical hook-up, I've got nothing on former Soup Dragon Sushil K.
      Dade, aka Future Pilot AKA. Dude knows and has jammed and recorded
      with enough legends of the indie rock to impress a new girl in a new
      pub every night, and he's recruited a slew of these fabulous people
      for the new, genre-mashing Future Pilot AKA LP.

      Secrets From the Clockhouse arrives January 22 on Glasgow's Creeping
      Bent imprint, and boasts a bunch of funny, self-referencing track
      titles and one hell of a special guests list. Brace yourselves:
      Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Stuart Murdoch and
      Sarah Martin of Belle and Sebastian, Damo Suzuki of Can, Mike Watt of
      the Minutemen and the Stooges, Robert Forster and the late Grant
      McLennan of the Go-Betweens, Davy Henderson of the Fire Engines,
      Scottish folk singer Karine Polwart, Scot rockers Unkle Bob, Scottish
      illustrator/novelist Alasdair Gray, and baroque chamber music
      ensemble Concerto Caledonia, also Scottish. Whew!...



      Arab Strap Drop Tears Stateside, Prep Solo Discs

      Malcolm Middleton tours
      2007 just isn't the same without Arab Strap. We miss the dour duo.
      We miss listening to their bawdy ramblings and drinking ourselves
      into oblivion. We miss getting smacked upside the face every time we
      try to explain their name to some girl at the bar. Lucky for us U.S.-
      dwelling mopes, Arab Strap have announced plans to deliver their
      previously reported swan song to our freedom-loving doorsteps.

      The Arab Strap farewell compilation Ten Years of Tears-- which
      received a respectable 8.2 from Pitchfork's Joe Tangari just
      yesterday-- collects a whole mess of Strap favorites, some B-sides
      and rarities, and a new tune or two, and arrives Stateside via
      Chemikal Underground on February 20. The U.S. version features the
      same tracklist as its UK brother (which came out this past October),
      reprinted below for your perusal.

      While the Strap has split, members Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton
      remain quite active with solo pursuits.

      Middleton follows up 2005's Into the Woods with A Brighter Beat, out
      February 26 on London's Full Time Hobby. Title track single "A
      Brighter Beat" hits shoppes January 22 in digital and 7" formats. In
      support of the new disc, Malcolm's touring up a storm around Europe
      in the coming months, opening shows for both Robin Proper-Sheppard's
      Sophia and Badly Drawn Boy, as well as headlining a spate of gigs
      with a full band in March.

      Moffat's electronic project L. Pierre (aka Lucky Pierre), meanwhile,
      follows up 2004's Touchpool with his Melodic Records-stamped third
      full-length, Dip, on January 15 in the UK and February 6 in the U.S.

      Ten Years of Tears:

      01 Preface: Set the Scene
      02 Islands (Original 1995 Demo)
      03 The First Big Weekend
      04 Gilded (Live)
      05 I Saw You (Peel Session)
      06 The Clearing (Single Version)
      07 Packs of Three (Live Acoustic)
      08 (Afternoon) Soaps
      09 Rocket, Take Your Turn
      10 To All a Good Night
      11 Turbulence (Bis Remix Radio Edit)
      12 The Shy Retirer
      13 Blood (Live)
      14 If There's No Hope for Us (Rogue Version)
      15 Where We've Left Our Love
      16 The Girl I Loved Before I Fucked (Full Band Version)
      17 Oxytocin
      18 There Is No Ending (7" Edit)

      A Brighter Beat:

      01 We're All Going to Die
      02 Fight Like the Night
      03 A Brighter Beat
      04 Death Love Depression Love Death
      05 Fuck It, I Love You
      06 Stay Close Sit Tight
      07 Four Cigarettes
      08 Somebody Loves You Up Late At Night Again
      09 Superhero Songwriters


      01 Gullsong
      02 Weir's Way
      03 Gust
      04 Ache
      05 Hike
      06 Drift



      Sam Prekop Talks New Sea and Cake Disc

      Believe it or not, it's been nearly four years since we've heard so
      much as a whimper from the Sea and Cake, but that doesn't mean the
      veteran Chicago jazz-inflected pop quartet has slowed down.

      Cakers Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt spent the last few years
      focusing on individual pursuits-- each released a solo record in 2005
      (Who's Your New Professor and Wilderness, respectively, both on
      Thrill Jockey). Drummer John McEntire, meanwhile, has concentrated on
      his work with Tortoise, while also recording up a storm at his Soma
      Studios. And Eric Claridge traded the bass for a palette and
      paintbrush, turning out a pretty sweet series of oil paintings last

      Now the fire, wind, earth, and heart of the Sea and Cake (water is
      lame, man) have reunited at last, and by their powers combined,
      nearly completed work on album number seven. Pitchfork caught up with
      Sea and Cake captain Sam Prekop yesterday for a chat about recording
      the latest LP at a "rock'n'roll boot camp," his photography book, his
      electronic record with McEntire, and the fine art of the album cover.

      "We're almost done" with the as-yet-untitled record, reported
      Prekop. "We have one more song to mix, and then the sequencing." It
      should see the light of day in May, and like all previous Sea and
      Cake full lengths, bear the Thrill Jockey stamp...

      More at:



      Kaiser Chiefs Reveal Album Details

      We're not sure if the title of the newly announced Kaiser Chiefs
      record, Yours Truly, Angry Mob, refers to the rioters the band once
      predicted, but we do know that the Kaiser Chiefs sure are fond of
      large groups of revved-up people.
      The Angry Mob will invade, pitchforks and torches aloft,
      internationally on February 26 and in North America on March 27 via
      Universal. It was produced by Stephen Street at Berkshire's Hook End
      Manor and mixed by both Street and Cenzo Townshend at London's
      Olympic Studios.
      The disc's first single, "Ruby", is due a week earlier on February 19
      on B*Unique on CD, seven inch, and as a download. Each format brags a
      different B-side: "From the Neck Down" (CD), "Admire You" (seven
      inch), and "Ruby" (live at Berlin's Kesselhaus in November 2006)
      (exclusive to the download). These will all be available digitally as


      01 Ruby
      02 The Angry Mob
      03 Heat Dies Down
      04 Highroyds
      05 Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
      06 Thank You Very Much
      07 I Can Do It Without You
      08 My Kind of Guy
      09 Everything Is Average Nowadays
      10 Boxing Champ
      11 Learnt My Lesson Well
      12 Try Your Best
      13 Retirement



      Arcade Fire Reveal Tracklist, Release Date, More Shows
      "Do you remember how music used to make you feel?"

      It's an Arcade Fire weekend!
      Barely 24 hours after revealing their second album's first single,
      the band has unleashed a slew of information on their thirsty fans.
      According to a terrifically silly YouTube video posted by the band,
      Neon Bible will be out March 5 in Europe and March 6 in North America
      on Merge Records. It will contain the following songs, clips of which
      can be heard in said video:

      01 Black Mirror
      02 Keep the Car Running
      03 Neon Bible
      04 Intervention
      05 Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations
      06 Ocean of Noise
      07 The Well and the Lighthouse
      08 (Antichrist Television Blues)
      09 Windowsill
      10 No Cars Go
      11 My Body Is a Cage

      The album is "written, arranged, performed and produced by the Arcade
      Fire", with artwork by Tracy Maurice, the same artist behind
      Funeral's design.

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