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Official Cranes News - MP3 Live Album.

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  • Jen
    Cranes-Dadaphonic Newsletter January 2007 MP3 DOWNLOAD RELEASE Cranes - Live at Amsterdam Paradiso (1991) ... From the Cranes archives comes a classic
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      Cranes-Dadaphonic Newsletter January 2007


      Cranes - Live at Amsterdam Paradiso (1991)
      From the Cranes archives comes a classic recording made just before
      the 'Wings of Joy' album was released. The show captures the darker,
      heavier days of the early Cranes. Included in the set is the never
      before released "Slow Song." Tracklisting is :

      1. Starblood
      2. Da Da 331
      3. Slow Song
      4. E.G.Shining
      5. Give
      6. Sixth of May
      7. Reach

      The download includes high-res jpg files of the cover art.
      Price is £4.00 (GBP) This album is available now, as a download only
      release from our new download web site:


      Songs are played by the original line-up of the group which featured
      Jim on drums, Ali on vocals and bass, Mark Francombe on guitar and
      piano and Matt Cope on guitars. We stopped playing these songs many
      years ago so we thought you might like to hear them! Let us know what
      you think! You can listen to previews of the songs or download
      them at http://www.dadaphonic.co.uk

      New album
      We are continuing to work on recordings for the new album. Sorry it's
      been so long ! It's really beginning to take shape and hopefully will
      be something special when it's ready. Autumn 2007 could be a possible
      time for a release. We will keep you posted.

      Cranes songs have been used in two really cool films recently.
      They are:

      "Broken English" Dir: Zoe Cassevettes
      'Vanishing Point" from Cranes Particles and Waves album appears in a
      scene in this new film starring Parker Posey and Gena Rowlands. The
      directed by Zoe Cassevettes can be seen at the Sundance Film Festival
      Jan 20th-28th, 2007 http://festival.sundance.org/filmguide/

      "Romeo & Juliette" Dir: Yves Desgagnés
      "Flute Song" from Cranes Future Songs album appears in a film by
      winning French/Canadian production company Cinémaginaire. The film is
      a contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet, and Flute Song appears in
      the final scenes of the film when Juliet has taken the poison.
      Cinémaginaire (who also produced 'The Barbarian Invasions' and many
      other award winning films) released Romeo & Juliette in Quebec on
      Dec 4th 2006. It's being shown in cinemas there now. USA and European
      release dates to be announced...

      Other news!

      Jon Callender (cranes drummer) and Hayley Alker, a very talented
      vocalist and pianist, have formed a new group called Helsinki. They
      have recorded a beautiful new album, also called Helsinki, which we
      think you will love ! Check out their myspace site:


      And if you'd like to buy their album it is available at:


      Helsinki played their first ever show in Portsmouth on Dec 19th. It
      sounded gorgeous and was sold out in advance so look out for more
      shows from them in the New Year!

      Well bye for now. Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!

      Lots of love from Cranes xxx

      New Download Site http://www.dadaphonic.co.uk

      More cranes sites:

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