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    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nine Black Alps, The Shins, Scarlett Johansson, Radiohead, Albert Hammond Jr, and Nirvana: Smashing Pumpkins discuss new album
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nine Black Alps, The Shins, Scarlett
      Johansson, Radiohead, Albert Hammond Jr, and Nirvana:

      Smashing Pumpkins discuss new album
      It's 'sounding fantastic' says comeback band
      Smashing Pumpkins have revealed details of their long-awaited
      comeback album.

      Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has spoken about the progress of the
      record, the as-yet untitled follow up to 2000's 'MACHINA: The
      Machines Of God'.

      On the Smashing Pumpkins Myspace page the drummer blogged about how
      the recording sessions were going.

      Chamberlin wrote: "Great things are on track for the future. As some
      of you know we are indeed creating music again. Music that comes
      from a place so pure it will burn the lies off the very souls of
      those who try to discount it.

      "We have arrived at a place in our lives where truth and honesty
      prevail and we are creating from that place."

      The drummer added that the group have worked on some tracks with
      Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker.

      "Working with RTB was not only an honour but also one of the best
      musical experiences we have ever had," he explained. "We are
      currently working with Terry Date (Pantera, Soundgarden) and that is
      going great as well.

      "The universe has a way of letting you know that things are right by
      introducing people like RTB and Terry into the fold. It's all part
      of one big cosmic journey, in so that everyone reading this is
      hitching their silver chord to the Great Pumpkin Space Train! Hope
      this helps clear some things up for you."

      Aside from Chamberlin and leader Billy Corgan, it is not clear yet
      whether the other original members - guitarist James Iha and bassist
      D'arcy Wretzky - will be involved. Wretzky was replaced by Melissa
      Auf der Maur in the last incarnation of the band - there has been no
      word from her whether she will be taking part either.



      Damon Albarn launches new band with tiny pub gig
      'The Good The Bad And The Queen' premiered in Devon
      Damon Albarn launched his new project 'The Good The Bad And The
      Queen' with a gig in a tiny village pub last night (October 20).

      The group, which also features Clash bassist Paul Simonon, ex Verve
      guitarist Simon Tong and the influential Afrobeat drummer Tony
      Allen, played to just 150 people at the Pig's Nose in East Prawle,

      The show, the first time the group had ever played live, was a warm-
      up for the band's appearance at the London Roundhouse on October 26
      as part of the BBC's Electric Proms season, and saw the group
      playing back their forthcoming, Danger Mouse-produced album in order.

      "I enjoyed tonight night's gig," Simonon told NME.COM. "It's good.
      It's the birth, and the egg has broken."

      Making it clear that the 'The Good The Band And The Queen' was the
      album's title and not the new group's name - "We haven't got a name
      at all, we're nameless!" - Albarn was also pleased with the show
      praising his new group for not resting on their reputations.

      "It was great," he explained. "We've done a lot of rehearsal and
      none of us have taken it for granted even though we done a lot
      before. You know that everyone has performed in front of 100,000
      people, so they're not there to prove anything, they're there to
      really make sure the music is as good as they can get it."

      The band played:

      'History Song'
      '80s Life'
      'Northern Whale'
      'Kingdom Of Doom'
      'Behind The Sun'
      'The Bunting Song'
      'Nature Springs
      'Soldier's Tale'
      'Three Changes'
      'Green Fields'
      'The Good, The Bad & The Queen'



      The Kaiser Chiefs discuss new album
      They have recorded 22 tracks
      The Kaiser Chiefs have spent the last six weeks recording the follow
      up to 2005's 'Employment'.

      They have been in Oxfordshire's Hook End Studio and have recorded 22
      tracks. The band hope to whittle it down to 13 or 14 songs for the
      as-yet-untitled album.

      Drummer Nick Hodgson told Billboard: "We are full of inspiration.
      It's a big world out there. There's a lot of things to draw upon.
      Just like that album was written about what was happening then, this
      one's written about what's happening now."

      Hodgson discussed new song 'Heat Dies Down' saying: "Last Christmas
      we went to this big party and it was weird because it was the first
      time we'd been back in Leeds. Loads of attention was being thrown
      upon us, especially (frontman) Ricky (Wilson). (He) couldn't really
      operate in a normal way.

      "There were loads of girls and boys going up to him saying 'Oh! I
      saw you here/ there'. I think you're really good.' Blah, blah. So
      when the heat dies down, we'll be back in town."

      The band have also recorded 'Highroyds', 'Angry Mob', 'Try Your
      Best', 'Everything Is Average Nowadays', 'Love's Not A Competition
      (But I'm Winning)'.

      Hodgson also said the band were looking to rock legends for
      inspiration on how to break America.

      He said: "We were looking at some sales figures of Led Zeppelin. The
      first one did 8 million in the US alone. The fourth? 23 million! So
      we're like 'Yeah! It'd be great to do that, wouldn't it? It'd be
      great to play massive gigs in America.'

      "Hold on a minute! We've got to sell a hundred million records. If
      we keep making 'em and you keep buying 'em then we'll get there."



      New Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album close to completion
      Missing drummer returns for 'roots' album
      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are putting the finishing touches to
      their fourth album.

      The US three-piece have returned to their guitar driven roots for
      the follow up to their acoustic blues and country album 'Howl'.

      But the band have admitted that they've used similar production
      elements from their third LP.

      Guitarist Peter Hayes, speaking to Billboard, said: "Things open up
      and break down within the songs a lot. There are some songs that are
      kind of groove-oriented and not so blues or country influenced."

      Nick Jago is back on sticks duty for their as-yet-untitled LP, after
      sitting out their last album following his original decision to quit
      the band in 2004.

      "When he came in for the last record, there were two songs we did
      with him that we left off," said singer Hayes. "We knew they'd be
      for this one. We used those two songs as a starting point for what
      this album was going to sound like, and for the most part we stuck
      to it."

      Tracks slated to appear on the album, which is expected next spring,
      include '666 Conducer', 'Berlin', 'The Show', 'Cold Wind', 'Weapon
      Of Choice', 'Killin' The Light', 'Am I Only' and 'All You Do Is
      Talk', a track that is built using 12 different guitar parts.

      Turner added: "I played one string at a time making a chord and then
      doubled it. That's a big, thick wall of guitar, that one."



      Nine Black Alps get to work on second album
      Band recording with Oasis producer in LA
      Nine Black Alps returned to the studio to begin work on their second

      The follow up to 2005's 'Everything Is' is being recorded with Oasis
      and Jet producer Dave Sardy in Los Angeles.

      According to a posting on Nineblackalps.com the band and Dave Sardy
      will "furrow their brows, vent their spleens and bleed their hearts
      into the production of a glorious techincolour audiophonic

      A release date for early 2007 is currently planned.



      The Shins announce album tracklisting
      The band benefit from 'some new perspective'
      The Shins have announced the tracklisting of their new
      album 'Wincing The Night Away'.

      The album will be released on January 22, preceded by the
      single 'Phantom Limb' which will be available on iTunes on November
      13 and physically released on November 20.

      It will be the band's third album, the follow up to 2004's 'Chutes
      Too Narrow'.

      The group worked with producer Phil Ek in Seattle and finished it in
      frontman James Mercer's home studio.

      Mercer told Billboard: "I'm constantly reminded how much better the
      project gets as the new discoveries are made. That only happens
      through taking your time and being able to approach it with some new

      The 11 tracks that will appear on the album are:

      'Sleeping Lessons'
      'Pam Berry'
      'Phantom Limb'
      'Sea Legs'
      'Red Rabbits'
      'Turn On Me'
      'Black Wave'
      'Split Needles'
      'Girl Sailor'
      'A Comet Appears'



      SCARLETT JOHANSSON RECORDING ALBUM Scarlett Johansson The actress to
      cover Tom Waits for musical debut

      Scarlett Johansson has signed a record deal to make her first album.

      The star of Uncut's 2004 film of the year, Lost In Translation,
      which memorably featured her singing karaoke with Bill Murray, is
      now having a go at making music for real.

      The actress is currently recording an album with the working
      title "Scarlett Sings Tom Waits" which – as the name suggests – will
      feature songs solely by Tom Waits, Fox News reports.

      Johansson isn't the first to have a crack at Waits' back catalogue,
      with the likes of The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and Bette Midler all
      covering the star.

      Big Star's Alex Chilton recorded a version of `Downtown', while
      Elvis Costello collaborator T-Bone Burnett has done a version
      of `Time'.

      Johansson, who recently featured in a video for Bob Dylan's `When
      The Deal Goes Down', is slated to release her album in Spring 2007
      through Rhino Records' newly reactivated Atco imprint.


      Radiohead start work on seventh album
      Thom Yorke reveals plans as part of environmental post
      Thom Yorke has confirmed that Radiohead have begun recording their
      seventh album.

      The singer told fans about the plans in a bizarre footnote to a
      posting about the Big Ask environmental campaign.

      "We've started the record properly now. Staring to get somewhere I
      think. Finally," he wrote on the band's official site Radiohead.com
      before adding:

      "If it scares you speechless and wakes you in the night.
      If you are bothered about the flooding you keep seeing.
      Or those high winds.
      Or that there is something not quite right about the fact you're
      still Walking round in a T-shirt in October.
      Please find out about the the big ask campaign www.thebigask.com."

      The campaign is urging the government to reduce carbon emissions by
      three per-cent per year by making it law.

      "We are hassling all MPs in the uk to write to our glorious leader
      and get a bill that commits us all to reducing carbon emissions
      3percent a year," explained Yorke. "Its a start. It has to be law.
      Otherwise it's never going to happen. And it has to."



      Albert Hammond Jr plans another solo album
      A new Strokes album is on the way too
      Albert Hammond, Jr. has spoken of his plans to release another solo

      The singer's debut 'Yours To Keep' is out now and will be followed
      by a single '101' on November 27.

      However Hammond Jr told NME.COM that this was just his first
      release, and more records would be on the way.

      "I'm definitely planning on writing and making another (solo album).
      But if no one wants to hear my songs, I can't really make a record,"
      he explained.

      He also dismissed the suggestion that The Strokes' future albums
      would feature his songwriting input after his own record.

      "I don't think so, because I probably want to keep them for my
      second record!" he said when asked if his main band would start
      playing his songs.

      Hammond Jr added that other Strokes solo albums were a possibility.

      "I think everyone (in the band) writes," he explained. "What would a
      Fab solo record sound like? If he did a solo record , it'd be rhythm
      and blues, like Motown or gospelly, with loads of harmonies."

      He explained work on a Strokes album with the whole band would begin
      in 2007.

      "Probably spring next year we'll go into the studio, but there's no
      set date," he explained.



      Nirvana DVD extras revealed
      Unreleased performances included
      The extras on Nirvana's first ever DVD 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!'
      have been confirmed.

      The DVD which is set to hit shops on November 13, will feature five
      previously unreleased performances from Nirvana's legendary gig at
      the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam on November 25, 1991.

      The songs are:

      'About A Girl'
      'Been A Son'
      'On A Plain'

      According to fansite Nirvanaclub.com, the DVD will also feature a
      secret "easter egg" bonus feature.

      As previously reported by NME.COM, the original VHS project was
      conceived by Kurt Cobain and overseen by Nirvana members Dave Grohl
      and Krist Novoselic following the singer's death.

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