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  • videowork12
    a bunch going on in sept: First The Shows: Fri. Sept 22nd Staccato s Washington DC www.staccatodc.com Sat. Sept 23rd Walls Of Soundfest II @ Central Station
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
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      a bunch going on in sept:

      First The Shows:

      Fri. Sept 22nd Staccato's Washington DC www.staccatodc.com
      Sat. Sept 23rd Walls Of Soundfest II @ Central Station
      Fredericksburg, VA www.myspace.com/wallsoufsoundfest
      Thur. Sept. 28th NEMO Boston Music Conference & Showcase - Paradise
      Lounge (early show 6pm)

      Next The CD:

      res cogitans available now via Silber Records (www.silbermedia.com) ,
      CD Baby, instore Newbury Comics in New England area.
      illuminated - remix downloads at Get Nice Records

      Then The interNerd:

      An interview with Plumerai will be brodcasted on the Silber Records
      Special @ www.CollectiveVoice.net check their site for details.

      isound <--ringtone avialable, lastfm.com, garageband.com, nme.com,
      purevolume.com, ubl.com, tagworld.com come play.

      Finally the Reviews:

      For full reviews and links visit our myspace page:

      "....The songs are all stirring numbers, from the trampling, 7-minute
      rock number "Avernal" featuring an eastern European tinge to the
      Cure-cum-Sundays "Linear," a track that would have been famous on
      MTV's 120 Minutes. The song - which would make an ideal single,
      features Elizabeth Ezell's pining, straining vocals. Some would say
      that Beth Orton or Chan Marshall are both clearly in her class but
      her vocal draw comes without peer among pop contemporaries. Her
      lightning shudders are sexy deeply affecting the winking guitars,
      swinging beat, and by the end loses herself in the crashing
      mix…..Song craft becomes the star, backbones provided by Martin
      Newman's deeply reverb fed guitars and a rhythm section with the
      undercurrent of libidinous undulation. The result is a warm,
      enthralling sound……This Boston area quartet twines dreamy and
      uncommon strings, and ultimately their EP is a short, yet rewarding
      listen. That assessment is true from top to bottom of Res Cogitans, a
      taste -- a sample, a trifling of rock extraordinary, before it's
      done." - Kevchino.com Webzine

      "…"Avernal" opens the EP and is a delightfully dreamy creation, the
      drums gentile and inoffensive (until the last two minutes that is)
      mixed with soothing guitars, all complimenting the arousing, sultry
      voice of Elizabeth Ezell....."Linear" is a fine example of their
      influences hitting the mark perfectly, the catchy guitar work that is
      both pop and anti-pop simultaneously due to its melancholy feeling yet
      danceable beats......There is definitely a cabaret quality to Ezell's
      vocals and throughout it suits the mood of the music perfectly as
      with "En Vole" a piece where even the accordion gets a little more
      prominence than before. It's unsurprising however that the cabaret
      element is there as Res Cognitans was recorded live, copying to CD
      the true untouched elements of the band which makes for a much more
      interesting and powerful release than just another studio outing.
      With retro electro rock (et al) being the big fad that it is at the
      moment, Plumerai will certainly have to put the hours in to ensure
      they don't fall victim of its ephemeral and superficial charms. Yet
      if the four tracks on Res Cognitan are anything to go by, they are
      miles ahead of the majority in both sound and concept already" – Left
      Hip webzine.

      "…Elizabeth Ezell is no fey chanteuse; her voice contains a snarling
      sensuality…at their core Plumerai have things figured pretty well
      out, especially when Ezell's shivering voice sidles up against "En
      Vole"'s sparse guitars and Parisian accordions, or the band weaves
      some chilled vibes and a John Barry-esque melody into
      "Illuminata"….really solid and eclectic -- seriously, who
      incorporates accordion into post-punk?" – Opus Zine.

      "What also makes Plumerai special is that each of the four songs
      present sound different. `Avernal' has the most dark pop sounding
      elements and the song often times brings Trip Hop artists like
      Portishead, Massive Attack and The Third & The Mortal to mind.
      `Linear' is definitely the most 80's Goth/Rock/Pop influenced song,
      sounding almost like a lost song from The Cure's mid-80's work, while
      `Illuminata' is similar with a groovy bass line, backing keyboards,
      and a really catchy chorus, but returns a bit more to the darker
      sounding approach. `En Vole' is also rather different adding in an
      accordion to their unique dark pop rock sound. ... Plumerai delivers
      a real gem with their `Res Cogitans' EP... " – Lunar Hypnosis
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