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More Music News: The Lemonheads, Interpol, Queens Of The Stone Age,

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    Sparklehorse, more about various Air projects, Portishead, Pulp, Biosphere, and the Mars Volta. Lemonheads set new album release date Evan Dando and co return
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2006
      Sparklehorse, more about various Air projects, Portishead, Pulp,
      Biosphere, and the Mars Volta.

      Lemonheads set new album release date
      Evan Dando and co return in September

      Evan Dando's legendary band The Lemonheads will return with their
      long awaited eighth album in September.

      The self-titled 11 track release is the band's first in 10 years and
      features a guest appearance from Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis.

      The band now features Dando, drummer Bill Stevenson and bassist Karl

      In the ten years since the last record 'Car Button Cloth', Dando has
      released one solo LP, 2003's acclaimed 'Baby I'm Bored'.

      Speaking about the new album Dando said: "I wanted to make a rock
      record, a melodic rock record. "Also, I'm sick of selling solo T-

      The first single to be lifted from the album, which is out on
      September 18, will be 'Become The Enemy'.

      The album will follow a week later.

      The Lemonheads track listing is:

      'Black Gown'
      'Become The Enemy'
      'Let's Just Laugh'
      'Rule of Three'
      'No Backbone'
      'Baby's Home'
      'In Passing'
      'Steve's Boy'



      Interpol ready to record album three
      Expect a 2007 release

      Interpol have confirmed they are working on their third album.

      In a posting on their official website, the New Yorkers explained
      that they have been writing for six months and hope to soon begin

      They revealed the working titles of some new songs, which
      include 'The Heimlich Manoeuvre' and 'Pawn Shop'.

      Interpol also thanked their fans for their support. They
      said: "Thanks for standing by. We have you all in our hearts and
      little pulsating musical minds."

      Despite claiming they broke up four times during the writing of the
      album, the band added: "We're all very excited about it and think
      that you will be too. Having yet to record, we can only say that
      release will come sometime next year."



      Queens Of The Stone Age return
      Josh Homme: 'We're back in the studio, writing'

      Josh Homme has revealed that Queens Of The Stone Age have started
      work on their new album.

      The singer, currently working with his other band Eagles Of Death
      Metal, told NME.COM Queens are currently writing new material in the
      studio, but refused to divulge the line-up of the band.

      He said: "That's not a healthy question. You'll ruin the surprise.
      We've gotta keep our cool."

      Homme also explained how he's been preparing for the return of
      Eagles Of Death Metal.

      He said: "We've [Homme and Jesse Hughes, Eagles' main man] been
      getting in touch with our feminine sides - we've been touching them
      every day - and we've been beating our inner child."

      To find out more about the return of Queens Of The Stone Age, and
      Eagles Of Death Metal's bizarre tour rituals, pick up a copy of this
      week's NME, out today (July 5).



      Sparklehorse back with star-studded new album
      First LP in five years boasts special guests

      Sparklehorse are to release their first album for five years in
      September, NME.COM can reveal.

      'Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain' is out on
      September 25. It's the follow-up to 2001's acclaimed 'It's A
      Wonderful Life'.

      As previously reported on NME.COM, the record features guest
      appearances from a host of stars, including Danger Mouse, Tom Waits,
      The Flaming Lips' Steven Drodz and producer Dave Fridmann.

      The tracklisting is:

      'Don't Take My Sunshine Away'
      'Getting It Wrong'
      'Shade And Honey'
      'See The Light'
      'Return To Me'
      'Some Sweet Day'
      'Ghost In The Sky'
      'Morning Hollow'
      'Knives Of Summertime'
      'It's Not So Hard'
      'Dreamt For Lights Years In The Belly Of A Mountain (aka Maxine)'

      There will be a full UK tour around the time of the album's release.



      Air Prep New Album, Dunckel Goes Solo

      Pull out those obnoxious Nextel talkie walkies and report the
      following to everyone on your call list: According to a
      Billboard.com interview with Air member JB Dunckel, the French duo
      is almost done with its upcoming studio album, which is slated for
      an early 2007 release on Astralwerks. Also, Dunckel will put out a
      solo record via Astralwerks on September 19.

      Dunckel's solo debut will be released under the moniker Darkel.
      Dunckel told Billboard.com that the name was inspired by the black
      keys on a piano: "Most of the tracks contain some piano, and the
      chords are on the black keys most of the time, because I like the
      sound of that. Also, it was made very late at night. You have this
      attraction for the blackness, the space."

      For Darkel, Dunckel recruited a few friends to cover bass and "a
      little bit of guitar." The artist handles vocals for eight out of
      the album's ten tracks. Its other two songs are "sort of"
      instrumentals, Dunckel told Billboard.com: "Most of the instruments
      are acoustic, but I like to treat and process them."

      The tracklist includes "TV Destroy", a number about "destroying your
      TV when it's getting on your nerves," "My Own Sun", which focuses on
      Dunckel's belief that "inside your heart you have your own sun
      shining," (puke!) and more. The full tracklisting is as follows:

      01 Be My Friend
      02 At the End of the Sky
      03 TV Destroy
      04 Some Men
      05 My Own Sun
      06 Pearl
      07 Earth
      08 Beautiful Woman
      09 How Brave You Are
      10 Bathroom Spirit

      As for Air's as-of-yet-untitled follow-up to 2004's Talkie Walkie
      Dunckel told Billboard.com, "It's another direction, for sure. It's
      different, but it's Air. We like to change all the time. If we don't
      change our sound, we'll be dead. People who like our music like to
      discover new things. They're curious. They have some cultural
      musical background also, so they want to be surprised."

      The record features several guest musicians, none of which have been
      announced at this point in time.

      As previously reported, the pair wrote the music for French
      singer/actress Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album, 5:55, due August 28
      in Europe and September 4 in the UK. A North American date has not
      yet been set. The duo also contributed to the soundtrack to Sofia
      Coppola's forthcoming film Marie Antoinette, which hits the big
      screen on October 20.



      Portishead Drop Hints, Beef With Moby, Gorillaz
      Tricky, Morcheeba, Lamb Feel Left Out

      The last time Portishead released a new album was the 1998 live disc
      PNYC. The last time Portishead released an album of new material was
      1997's Portishead. So after nearly a decade, we're pretty desperate
      for something, anything, resembling news of a forthcoming album.

      Well, we got some tiny scraps last week, when the Bristol trio
      updated its MySpace page with some straight up good news: "weve had
      our meeting with the label it was really positive...which makes the
      whole thing so much easier to deal with nice people," the blog
      said. "the tracks are in a right mess but sounding like a album for
      the first time in years." The music is described as "fukin a bit
      weird" before the band takes some potshots at artists with whom
      they're often RIYL'd. "its nice to think us old gits have a few
      tunes in us without sounding like coffee table zero 7 - moby - chill
      out shit!!"

      Ooh, diss.

      Group member Geoff Barrow launched more zingers on his own MySpace
      blog on Sunday, when he wrote that the band "should
      hire `dangermouse' he would knock up a portishead album in about a
      week and the kidz would dig it...it would sell buket loads...get
      damon alburn to sing on it...WICKED!!!!! DOPE...!!!! fuk em"
      Gorillaz probably shouldn't start working on a Portishead diss rap
      just yet, though, as it seems that Barrow was merely using them as a
      straw man for his frustrations with pop music in general. After all,
      the post was entitled "the day the music sucked" and he also
      said "some times i feel like im just fukin usless at this lark there
      just aint ever gonna be another fukin glory box...thank fuck we did
      one already"



      At last, a Pulp fix! The fabulous Britpop band has been dormant
      since promotion wound down for 2001's We Love Life, with
      frontman/sex symbol Jarvis Cocker popping up here and there on
      various soundtracks and compilations, but no new music to speak of.

      There's still no new music, but August 21 will bring UK reissues of
      1994's His `n' Hers, 1995's Different Class, and 1998's This Is
      Hardcore, according to NME.com. Each will include B-sides, demos,
      and rarities, though no tracklist is available yet. Cross those
      fingers for some Cocker pinups in the liner notes, and a U.S.
      release date.

      Cocker is currently at work on a solo album, according to various
      British news sources, although information about it remains scarce.
      The Guardian reported that Pulp touring guitarist Richard Hawley
      contributes a few riffs to the effort.



      Fennesz, Biosphere, Jóhannsson on Touch Comp

      Over the course of 2006-07, UK electronic music label Touch Records
      will celebrate its 25th anniversary. And what's a celebration
      without souvenirs? Today, Touch releases Touch 25, a special
      anniversary compilation.

      Jóhann Jóhannsson, Biosphere, Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda, Philip Jeck, Pan
      Sonic, and more contribute exclusive tracks to the
      compilation. "Almost everyone we are currently working with in music
      has made a special recording for the CD, so it is a 'Declaration of
      intent' 25 years down the line," Touch founder Jon Wozencroft said
      in a press release. "We had no idea how it would pan out. What seems
      to have taken place, is a sequence of 25 tracks (in itself an
      accident of numbers) that each in their own space are quite obscure
      and 'of a refined sense of taste,' but together, build a very
      emotional journey through the emotional conditions brought on by the
      lack of emotion in everyday life, and its replacement by

      Touch 25 tracklist:

      01 BJ Nilsen - "Gotland"
      02 "minutiae"
      03 Oren Ambarchi - "Moving Violation"
      04 Fennesz - "Tree"
      05 "quick and cold"
      06 actual time of arrival
      07 Chris Watson - "Conversations"
      08 "safety short"
      09 Chris Watson - "Oujela Mine"
      10 Mother Tongue - "Rewording"
      11 Peter Rehberg - "TT 1205"
      12 Tanja Orning & Hild Sofie Tafjord - "Live at Blå, Oslo"
      13 Pan Sonic - "Slovakian Rauta"
      14 Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Tu non mi perderai mai"
      15 Jacob Kirkegaard - "Heavy Water [Bärseback]"
      16 "solent rd"
      17 Ryoji Ikeda - "Untitled #25"
      18 Rafael Toral - "Glove Touch"
      19 Philip Jeck - "Hindquarters"
      20 "ATC graph"
      21 Bruce Gilbert - "Sliding off the World"
      22 Mark Van Hoen - "Put My Trust in You"
      23 "chorale"
      24 Biosphere - "Spring Fever"
      25 Rosy Parlane - "Atlantis"



      New Mars Volta Album in August

      Start teasing that hair out, because Amputechture, the third full-
      length from the Mars Volta, will be released August 22 on Universal.
      A follow-up to 2005's Frances the Mute, the new album features eight
      tracks that, in typical MV fashion, are long-- some of them 10 to 17
      minutes-- with the entire album running over 76 minutes. We hope 70
      of those minutes consist of flute solos. You can hear one of the
      songs, "Viscera Eyes", on the band's MySpace page.

      Produced by Mars principal Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and mixed by Rich
      Costey, Amputechture (oh so punny!) also features contributions from
      guitarist John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Paul Hinojos
      (who tours with MV and used to play with Cedric Bixler-Zavala and
      Rodriguez-Lopez in At the Drive-In).

      Jeff Jordan designed Amputecture's Andrew Wyeth-on-acid cover art.
      Titled "Big Mutant", the painting depicts three working class
      fellows carrying the head of some sort of um, big mutant.

      Architecture of Amputechture:

      01 A Vicarious Atonement
      02 Tetragrammaton
      03 Vermicide
      04 Meccamputechture
      05 Asilos Magdalena
      06 Viscera Eyes
      07 Day of the Baphomets
      08 El Ciervo Vulnerado

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