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Music News - The Beautiful South, Radiohead, Guns 'n' Roses,

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    Front Line Assembly, Soul Asylum, The Lemonheads, DJ Shadow, Jesus and Mary Chain reissues, Freeheat, Camera Obscura, Robert Pollard, REM, and Slow Music: The
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2006
      Front Line Assembly, Soul Asylum, The Lemonheads, DJ Shadow, Jesus
      and Mary Chain reissues, Freeheat, Camera Obscura, Robert Pollard,
      REM, and Slow Music:

      The Beautiful South album and tour dates
      added: 9 May 2006 // by: Marco Gandolfi

      The Beautiful South return with a brand new album `Superbi', on the
      15th May 2006, preceded by a single `Manchester' on 1st May 2006 both
      released on SonyBmg UK.

      In 1989, when Paul Heaton and Dave Hemmingway formed The Beautiful
      South following the demise of The Housemartins, few would have
      thought that 17 years and 11 albums later, the band would still be
      the soundtrack to so many of our lives. Having sold over 10 million
      albums, and releasing one of the biggest selling British `Best Of'
      albums EVER, the band have continued to write their unique brand of
      bittersweet love songs which strike a chord in so many people's
      hearts, not least those who have grown up with them and their
      fantastic music.

      The Beautiful South are: Paul Heaton (vocals), Alison Wheeler
      (vocals), Dave Hemingway (vocals), Sean Welch (bass), Dave Rotheray
      (guitar) and Dave Stead (drums). `Superbi' was recorded at Peter
      Gabriel's Real World studios, a farm in Bakewell and at producer Ian
      Stanley's place in Eniskerry, it was then mixed by the legendary Bill
      Price (Sex Pistols, Clash, Gun `n' Roses). Any Beautiful South fan
      will recognise acclaimed lyricist Paul Heaton's hand in quirky song
      titles such as `The Rose of My Cologne, `The Cat Loves The Mouse'
      and `Never Lost A Chicken To A Fox'. First single `Manchester'
      started of as a poem - "If rain makes Britain great, Then Manchester
      is greater" – `a sodden tribute' to the city says Heaton. The tracks
      cover love and loss and all that happens in-between …"So many pop
      songs are written about 15-20 year olds. We've never really targeted
      them, or newly weds. We write about people who've lived together most
      of their lives."

      `Superbi' is the first release since 2003's fantastically received
      covers album `Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs', which featured
      the Beautiful South's own interpretations of such, ahem, classics
      as `You're The One That I Want' (Olivia Newton John and John
      Travolta), `Don't Fear the Reaper' (Blue Oyster Cult) and `Don't Stop
      Moving' (S Club 7). The new album features artwork by photographer
      Martin Parr who was reportedly delighted that the band chose one of
      his photographs for the cover.

      The Beautiful South official website has re-launched, find out more
      about the band at www.beautifulsouth.co.uk


      The Rose Of My Cologne / Manchester / There Is Song / The Cat Loves
      The Mouse / The Next Verse / When Romance Is Dead / Meanwhile /
      Space / Bed Of Nails / Never Lost A Chicken To A Fox / From Now On /


      Radiohead premier new tracks
      added: 8 May 2006 // by: Marco Gandolfi

      Radiohead played eight new songs as they kicked off their first tour
      since 2004 in Copenhagen May 6.

      The band debuted new material from their eagerly awaited seventh
      album, as well as playing a host of classics at the KB Hall.

      The new tracks primarily showcased a return to guitar-driven songs in
      the style of Radiohead's classic 1995 album 'The Bends', with many
      featuring the three-pronged attack of Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and
      Ed O'Brien.

      '4 Minute Warning' was the most instantly memorable new song, a
      classic pop tune featuring Yorke on piano and O'Brien on acoustic

      On 'Bangers 'N' Mash' Yorke sang and played drums alongside Phil
      Selway. Another new song, 'Spooks', was completely instrumental.

      The least typical of the new numbers Radiohead played tonight was '15
      Step', which had dance beat reminiscent of the 'Kid A'
      track 'Idioteque' (which was also in the set)...


      Guns n' Roses CD this autumn
      added: 8 May 2006 // by: Marco Gandolfi

      Axl Rose made a surprise appearance on Eddie Trunk's radio show
      Friday night. What was supposed to be an interview with Sebastian
      Bach and Scott Ian about their upcoming reality show "Super Group"
      for Vh1 quickly turned to Axl when Bach got a text message from Rose
      and called him up to join the show. After a brief phone discussion
      they convinced Axl to join them in the studio. What followed was a
      lighthearted in studio interview with mostly Axl and Bach sharing fun
      stories of the past but Axl also discussed the plans for GNR as they
      play a string of sold out shows in NYC next week and then head over
      to Europe for some big shows. Axl did briefly discuss the forthcoming
      Chinese Democracy and he alluded to an autumn release and a US tour
      this fall as well. He also said that they have 2 and half albums
      worth a material almost completed and it sounds like there are
      definite plans for a full follow up album to Chinese Democracy that
      fans will not have wait ten years for. Who's in the band? Axl said
      that it's basically the same lineup that toured a couple years ago
      with a new guitarist whom he wouldn't name but he did say it WASN'T
      someone from the past.



      May 06, 2006
      FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY: Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber, and Chris Peterson have
      joined ranks once again to create the best Front Line Assembly
      release that the electronic industrial community has seen in over a
      decade. The trio began work on 'Artificial Soldier' in early 2005,
      and it was time well spent. The newly re-formed line-up managed to
      create a release that not only lives up to the expectations of Front
      Line Assembly fans, but surpasses them. Heavy pounding beats,
      atmospheric strings, percolating melodies, dynamic synths and Bill
      Leebs trademark vocals couldnt be fused together any tighter if you
      tried to do it at an atomic level. Two guest vocalists appear on
      Artificial Soldier Eskil Simonsson from Covenant (on The Storm) and
      Jean-Luc De Meyer from Front 242 (on Future Fail). 'Artificial
      Soldier' is one album not to be missed for 2006. Released on
      Metropolis and available June 20th, 2006.
      Tracklisting: 01. Unleashed 02. Low Life 03. Beneath The Rubble 04.
      Dissension 05. Buried Alive 06. Dopamine 07. Social Enemy 08. Future
      Fail 09. The Storm 10. Humanity (World War Three)



      Soul Asylum New Album -

      ...New Soul Asylum record, The Silver Lining, which will be released
      July 11. Dan Murphy talked to Billboard a bit about the new album.

      The first single is "Stand Up And Be Strong", which while not a
      classic by any stretch is a decent enough comeback tune for a band
      that's been out of the game for a while. There's some more clips from
      the new album on their MySpace page and also on their website.



      Lemonheads Return, Sign to Vagrant
      Greg James reports:
      Galaxie 500 can't be far behind. What with the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr.,
      and now the Lemonheads putting aside differences and getting back
      together, if we all close our eyes, it's just like being back at
      Boston's Middle East club circa 1989, reliving the glory days of
      college rock. Except we've all got better haircuts now.

      Lemonheads leader Evan Dando cheated though. He's bypassing all that
      awkward making-up with former bandmates stuff and just hired a couple
      of new guys. Although the new guys are actually old guys: Bill
      Stevenson (producer, drums) and Karl Alvarez (bass) of punk legends
      the Descendents.

      In all fairness, the Lemonheads didn't have a very consistent line-up
      over the course of their career, so it's not like Axl "reuniting"
      Guns N' Roses without calling Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steven. And
      let's face it, it's nice just to see Evan back in action after
      getting mixed up with crack and the Gallagher brothers in the late
      90s and not doing much else since then besides his 2003 solo LP Baby
      I'm Bored.

      Dando has been working on songs on and off this past year at
      Stevenson's Colorado studio, and the results will be released by The
      Lemonheads' new label, Vagrant Records, sometime in the fall of this
      year. Perhaps best known as being home to emo faves Dashboard
      Confessional and the Get Up Kids, Vagrant has been busy un-pigeon-
      holing themselves of late by signing the Futureheads, Eels, and the
      Hold Steady recently. Vagrant President Rich Egan enthuses, "Nobody
      writes songs like Evan Dando, nobody sings like him...the new songs
      are incredible. He is in top form."...

      * Lemonheads: www.thelemonheads.com
      * Evan Dando (fan site): http://www.evandando.co.uk/
      * Vagrant: http://www.vagrant.com/


      DJ Shadow Signs to Universal

      Dave Maher reports:
      DJ Shadow takes his name seriously. He's the kind of guy who doesn't
      demand attention, quietly releasing live CDs/DVDs and mixtapes that
      garner pretty good reviews while we all wait for an official follow
      up to his 2002 album The Private Press. And if the rumors are true,
      he's getting in touch with his crunk side.

      Well, we're one step closer, as it was announced today that the still-
      untitled album now has a home at Universal Records. Everyone involved
      in the deal seems thrilled about it, and Shadow is quoted in a press
      release as saying, "Finally, after years of feeling like an orphan I
      feel like I finally have a home." Aw! According to Shadow, the album,
      which is scheduled for release later this summer, is "one of the most
      fun things I've ever worked on." It will be his first release
      featuring guest vocalists and will include heavy hitters such as Q-
      Tip and David Banner as well as Yay Area upstarts Keak Da Sneak and
      Turf Talk.

      * DJ Shadow: http://www.djshadow.com/


      Jesus and Mary Chain Albums to Be Reissued - and Jim Reid's band
      Freeheat new album

      Quanah Humphreys and Amy Phillips report:
      The Jesus and Mary Chain formed in 1984 and spent the next 15 years
      creating an audio blueprint of guitar fuzz and reverb for countless
      bands to follow...although it could be argued that they only did that
      on their first album, and then spent the next decade and a half
      repeating themselves, before calling it quits in 1999.

      Long out of print in the U.S., the first five JAMC albums are being
      reissued by Rhino Records on DualDisc format. 1985's Psychocandy,
      1987's Darklands, 1989's Automatic, 1992's Honey's Dead, and 1994's
      Stoned and Dethroned, are scheduled for release on July 11. The discs
      offer newly remastered versions of the albums on the CD side, while
      the DVD side features the albums in high-resolution audio format
      along with three music videos.

      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Raveonettes have already pre-
      ordered these:


      01 Just Like Honey
      02 The Living Dead
      03 Taste the Floor
      04 The Hardest Walk
      05 Cut Dead
      06 In a Hole
      07 Taste of Cindy
      08 Never Understand
      09 Inside Me
      10 Sowing Seeds
      11 My Little Underground
      12 You Trip Me Up
      13 Something's Wrong
      14 It's So Hard


      01 Just like Honey
      02 Never Understand
      03 You Trip Me Up


      01 Darklands
      02 Deep One Perfect Morning
      03 Happy When It Rains
      04 Down on Me
      05 Nine Million Rainy Days
      06 April Skies
      07 Fall
      08 Cherry Came Too
      09 On the Wall
      10 About You


      01 Darklands
      02 Happy When It Rains
      03 April Skies


      01 Here Comes Alice
      02 Coast to Coast
      03 Blues From a Gun
      04 Between Planets
      05 UV Ray
      06 Her Way of Praying
      07 Head On
      08 Take It
      09 Halfway to Crazy
      10 Gimme Hell
      11 Drop
      12 Sunray


      01 Blues From a Gun
      02 Her Way of Praying
      03 Head On

      Honey's Dead:

      01 Reverence
      02 Teenage Lust
      03 Far Gone and Out
      04 Almost Gold
      05 Sugar Ray
      06 Tumbledown
      07 Catchfire
      08 Good for My Soul
      09 Rollercoaster
      10 I Can't Get Enough
      11 Sundown
      12 Frequency


      01 Reverence
      02 Far Gone and Out
      03 Almost Gold

      Stoned & Dethroned:

      01 Dirty Water
      02 Bullet Lovers
      03 Sometimes Always
      04 Come On
      05 Between Us
      06 Hole
      07 Never Saw It Coming
      08 She
      09 Wish I Could
      10 Save Me
      11 Till It Shines
      12 God Help Me
      13 Girlfriend
      14 Everybody I Know
      15 You've Been A Friend
      16 These Days
      17 Feeling Lucky


      01 Sometimes Always
      02 Come On
      03 Snakedriver

      The Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim Reid continues to make music, both
      solo and with his band Freeheat. Freeheat's latest album, Back on the
      Water, a collection of studio and live tracks, is due out June 6 on
      Planting Seeds Records. Tracklist:

      01 Keep on Truckin'
      02 What Goes Around *
      03 Back on the Water *
      04 The Story So Far *
      05 Everything
      06 Dead End Kids *
      07 Get on Home
      08 Facing Up to the Facts *
      09 Shine on Little Star
      10 Get on Home *
      11 Down
      12 The Two of Us *
      13 The Real Deal
      14 Shine on Little Star *
      15 Don't Look Back
      16 K Moon *
      17 Baby G2 *

      * Recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam

      * The Jesus and Mary Chain (fan site): http://aprilskies.amniisia.com/
      * Freeheat: http://freeheat.com/
      * Jim Reid: http://www.myspace.com/jimreid



      Camera Obscura Get Out of This Country

      David Nadelle reports:
      Yes, Belle and Sebastian are having a productive and successful year
      to date, but where have the similarly amazing and crush-worthy Camera
      Obscura been hiding? Sweden, apparently. The hissyfits can stop and
      the pom-pom waving can begin because the top-notch pop sextet will be
      stealing candy-coated thunder this summer when they bring out their
      third album, Let's Get Out of This Country, available June 6 through
      Merge Records in the U.S. and May 29 on Elefant in Europe.

      The band recorded the album with Jari Haapalainen (the Concretes,
      Nicolai Dunger) in Stockholm. Like all of Camera Obscura's past
      efforts, it is sure to be a lovely confection, considering the band's
      penchant for pure pop is not unlike a trucker's love of apple pie and
      No Doz.

      Lloyd, we're ready for a tracklisting:

      01 Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
      02 Tears for Affairs
      03 Come Back Margaret
      04 Dory Previn
      05 The False Contender
      06 Let's Get out of This Country
      07 Country Mile
      08 If Looks Could Kill
      09 I Need All the Friends I Can Get
      10 Razzle Dazzle Rose

      On May 9, a taster single will precede the album's release, featuring
      the opening track, "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken". (Elefant
      will put it out on 7" and CD in Europe on May 15.) The CD single also
      houses the supporting tracks "Phil and Don" (about the Everly
      Brothers?) and "Roman Holiday" as well as the video for the much-
      loved single "I Love My Jean".


      01 Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
      02 Phil and Don
      03 Roman Holiday
      04 I Love My Jean (video)

      * Camera Obscura: http://www.camera-obscura.net/
      * Merge: http://www.mergerecords.com/


      Robert Pollard to Release Three New Albums

      Kati Llewellyn reports:
      Without magic lassos or Krypton births or (at the very least)
      skillful hand-to-hand combat, superheroes wouldn't be so super.
      Similarly, without releasing a trillion albums a year, Guided by
      Voices (RIP) legend Robert Pollard may not have achieved the indie
      rock superstar status he now holds. With no plans to relinquish the
      title, Bobby P. has three albums in store for the month of May, each
      one the product of a different side project and each due out on the
      Fading Captain label.

      First off is Psycho and the Birds, a new collaboration with Todd
      Tobias. If the name Tobias rings a non-"Arrested Development" bell,
      it's because the producer/engineer/musician worked on Pollard's solo
      album, From a Compound Eye (Merge), and various Circus Devils/GBV
      projects. According to his official website, Pollard "records songs
      boombox style and sends them to Todd to dress them up." So... jean
      jumpers, prom dresses, and makeovers? Project #1: A+.

      Psycho and the Birds' debut release is the All That Is Holy LP. Track
      14, "Hello Forever", is available for download on Pollard's website.

      All That Is Holy tracklist:

      01 The Killers
      02 Suffer the Sun
      03 Alibible
      04 Father Is Good
      05 Blood Witness
      06 Late Night Scamerica
      07 Oh My Chosen One
      08 Alabama Sunrise
      09 Kiss You/Kill You
      10 Jesus the Clockwork
      11 She's Around
      12 Disturbed
      13 Yes an Article
      14 Hello Forever
      15 Break Some Concentration
      16 Nation Gone Dry
      17 Frozen Vegetable Fiction

      Next up are the Takeovers (not to be confused with Takeover, a
      MySpace collective who claim to be an "extremely hard working metal
      band, that has allready survived many changes, proving the bands
      inner strength and dedication to their craft" that want us to "Bring
      it HARD!!!"). It's a project with former GBV bassist Chris
      Slusarenko, Quasi's Sam Coomes, Mudhoney's Dan Peters, and more
      (Stephen Malkmus is rumored to be working with the group on a future
      release). Their album, Turn to Red, contains both new material and
      old Pollard demos, all mixed up together, as if someone put them
      through that old rock tumbler in your closet. Track seven, "Fairly
      Blacking Out", can be found on RobertPollard.net.

      Turn to Red tracklist:

      01 Do You Get Your Wish?
      02 Insane/Cool It
      03 First Spill Is Free
      04 Mojo Police
      05 Scuffle With Nature
      06 Sweet Jelly
      07 Fairly Blacking Out
      08 Wig Stomper
      09 The Public Dance
      10 Be It Not for the Serpentine Rain Dodger
      11 Bullfighter's Cut
      12 Jancy

      Finally, there are the Keene Brothers, a poppy project with rocker
      Tommy Keene, who handled the guitar and keyboards on Pollard's solo
      trek earlier this year. Their record, awesomely titled Blues and
      Boogies Shoes, holds "Death of the Party", the final new tune up for
      the taking on Pollard's official site.

      Blues and Boogies Shoes tracklist:

      01 Evils Vs. Evil
      02 Death of the Party
      03 Beauty of the Draft
      04 Where Others Fail
      05 Island of Lost Lucies
      06 Lost Upon Us
      07 Heaven's Gate
      08 The Naked Wall
      09 The Camouflaged Friend
      10 Must Engage
      11 This Time Do You Feel It?
      12 Blue Shadow

      Supposedly, the albums will drop every other week this month as
      additions to the Fading Captain series, starting, uh, yesterday, with
      all the releases available for mailorder as we speak. Another tidbit
      we can tell you (because we already told you) is that Pollard's
      supernew record, tentatively titled Normal Happiness, and described
      by his main Merge man as "a tour de force of perfect 2-3 minute pop
      songs," is complete and scheduled to come out on Merge in October. So
      that's... five releases so far this year. Superstar quota met,
      Pollard is free to change his name to Bobman!

      * Robert Pollard: http://robertpollard.net/



      R.E.M. Members, Robert Fripp Are Slow Music

      Dave Maher reports:
      Every once in a while, a band comes along with a name that perfectly
      matches its aesthetic. I'm talking about groups like the Beach Boys,
      Black Sabbath, N.W.A, and Sublime. OK, scratch that last one. But
      certainly Slow Music can be added to the list.

      Bill Rieflin, ex-Ministry/current R.E.M. drummer and de facto leader
      of Slow Music, joins lethargic forces with R.E.M./Minus 5 bandmate
      Peter Buck and King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp to form the group,
      which Rieflin describes as "a larger-than-usual number of musicians
      (in this case, six) playing long-form improvisations working with
      ambient/textural/environmental music-ideas. This means live
      performance rather than programming. This means flexibility in the
      moment and freedom to respond... There is also a high degree of
      risk." They must have a very avant-garde insurance plan.

      Slow Music recorded their completely improvised debut during three
      sets at Seattle's Crocodile Café on October 19, 2005, and though it
      was printed in a limited edition and does not have a commercial
      release, Live at the Croc will be available from the band on their
      upcoming West Coast tour, which starts tonight in Portland.

      No rush:

      05-05 Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater
      05-06 Seattle, WA - Showbox
      05-09 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
      05-11 Los Angeles, CA - Largo
      05-12 San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Coach House
      05-13 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre

      In other Rieflin/Buck-related news, R.E.M. might be heading back into
      the studio soon. "There's some discussion about cranking things up in
      autumn, maybe winter," Rieflin recently Revealed (get it?) to
      Billboard. The band has been taking it easy and keeping a relatively
      low profile since their last tour ended in July, and though there is
      no news yet of what songs will be recorded or when the band hopes to
      release the record, at least they are beginning the begin.

      * Slow Music: http://www.slowmusicproject.com/
      * R.E.M.: http://www.remhq.com/

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