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803Clairecords & Tonevendor @ SXSW 2006!

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  • pateticorecordings
    Mar 1 12:52 PM
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      SXSW 2006!! CLAIRECORDS and TONEVENDOR present:

      1) Tonevendor Daytime PARTY!! Bands! Beer! Food! All
      for FREE!
      2) Clairecords / Tonevendor SHOWCASE!
      3) Clairecords at the INDIE VILLAGE! Come meet with

      Info below for all these!! You can also view all this,
      with links to
      many of the venues, bands, labels, etc., at


      * SXSW DAYTIME PARTY -- sponsored by TONEVENDOR,
      RECORDS, & ACE FU! *

      Venue info:

      Wednesday, March 15, 3:00 PM @ End Of An Ear Records
      (2209 South First
      Street) -- http://www.endofanear.com


      * TUNNG (Static Caravan / Ace Fu)
      * MY EDUCATION (Thirty Ghosts)
      * RACHEL GOLDSTAR (of EAU CLAIRE {Clairecords})


      TUNNG made waves throughout the UK and across the
      Atlantic with their
      excellent debut album "Mother's Daughter and Other
      Songs", released on
      Static Caravan to heaps of critical acclaim. The album
      has been
      licensed stateside by Ace Fu and is scheduled for
      release on February
      22. On the forefront of the "folktronic" movement,
      they all but
      necessitated the coining of the term, and we're proud
      to have them as
      our guests for this party.

      Austin's MY EDUCATION have long been favorites of the
      Tonevendor /
      Clairecords staff, not to mention countless fans and
      worldwide. Their debut self-released CD sold out
      quickly, and was
      thusly re-issued by Thirty Ghosts Records, along with
      their follow-up
      album "Italian". Their performance at SXSW 2005 caught
      the attention
      of Rolling Stone's David Fricke, who praised them up
      and down, calling
      their performance his surprise find of the year.
      They'll be bringing
      their awesome instrumental grandeur to the party, as
      well as our
      nighttime showcase - believe me, you'll want to catch
      both sets!

      RACHEL GOLDSTAR is the solo project of Rachel Staggs,
      one-half of Clairecords' duo EAU CLAIRE. She and her
      band will be
      performing a set of her solo material, combined with
      select tunes from
      MONSTER MOVIE and EAU CLAIRE as well. Her live band
      ex-members of POLYPHONIC SPREE and THE SWELLS.

      We should also be having free food & drinks at this
      event - we know
      you love free stuff, especially beer and snacks!!



      Venue info:

      Wednesday, March 15, 8PM-2AM @ Habana Calle 6 (709 E.
      6th St) --

      Note: This venue provides two stages -
      Clairecords/Tonevendor showcase
      will be inside, and Absolutely Kosher will be outside
      - we have been
      told that it is most likely that one admission grants
      access to both


      * MY EDUCATION (Thirty Ghosts)
      * SCIFLYER (Clairecords)
      * THE BROTHER KITE (Clairecords)
      * BELONG (Carpark)
      * RACHEL GOLDSTAR (of EAU CLAIRE {Clairecords})
      * LUMINOUS ORANGE (from Yokohama, Japan)


      MY EDUCATION (see above)

      SCIFLYER will be performing material from their deep
      including tracks from their latest release "The Age of
      Intimate Things" and some new material as well. They
      are on tour
      across the western half of the US to and from Austin,
      where they will
      make their SXSW debut.

      THE BROTHER KITE have been making waves everywhere
      since the release
      of their debut album "thebrotherkite" on Clairecords.
      During that
      time, the band have changed their name (formerly also
      known as
      "thebrotherkite"), seen a 2nd pressing of their album,
      and built their
      own recording studio from the ground-up! They'll be
      material from their highly-anticipated 2nd album, due
      this fall on
      Clairecords, which should also see a Japanese issue as

      BELONG are the latest signings to Carpark Records, and
      their debut
      album "October Language" was just released February 8.
      Their sound
      follows in the tradition of fuzzed-out folks like My
      Bloody Valentine,
      Flying Saucer Attack, and Spacemen 3. Yet if you asked
      Belong about
      their sources of inspiration they would say
      contemporary composer
      William Basinski or Fennesz. We at Tonevendor and
      Clairecords are more
      than pleased to have them as our guests for this

      RACHEL GOLDSTAR (see above)

      LUMINOUS ORANGE came all the way from Japan just to
      make an incredible
      appearance at CMJ 2004 in NYC. Too bad almost nobody
      was there to see
      it. Ever the longtime fans of this band though, us
      Clairecords folks
      wouldn't have missed it for the world. When we found
      out they would be
      playing at SXSW 2006, we begged for them to appear
      along with our
      bands on our showcase. We'll be honored to have them
      launch the night
      off with a live set of their sonic assault that
      perfectly combines
      ear-bleeding shoegaze noisepop with sugarsweet
      indiepop melodies.


      * CLAIRECORDS At The Indie Village! *

      Venue info:

      Thursday, March 16 THRU Saturday March 18, 1PM-2PM @
      Austin Convention
      Center, Upper Level, Grand Ballroom, (Booth: F9, F10,
      G9, G10)


      Clairecords will be participating in the SXSW Indie
      Village for 2006!
      We are honored to have been one of only 18
      participating labels that
      were selected to take part.

      The Indie Village is a large, multi-unit stand in the
      SXSW Music Trade
      Show that is shared with a few labels who have titled
      showcases at
      SXSW. It's essentially a place for labels to have
      meetings, so if you
      would like to meet with us, bring us a plate of your
      cupcakes, or just want to say hi, please stop on by!
      We will be there
      from 1-2 pm each day.

      You can also leave messages for us in our designated
      mailbox at this
      location - please do! As you probably know, we love
      getting mail.

      14 e. university ave., #206
      gainesville, fl 32601 usa

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