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501Re: Weekly Soundtrack - October 24 - 30, 2005.

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  • Jen
    Nov 5, 2005
      Hiya jjmb - Thanks so much for the audioscrobbler.com link for Last
      FM site! It looks amazing and I can't wait to join up - I've just
      been so busy lately, I haven't been able to look into yet. I'll look
      you up there when I get a chance. :) Thanks, too, for the link to
      live performance by Rob Dickinson; I'm not sure if the link is still
      valid, so go to this link and do a search for Rob Dickinson to get to
      live performance:
      Feel free to post any 'n' all music-related links to sites you enjoy;
      I have no problems with those kind of posts.

      Just a few replies to your comments -
      I know, I can't believe how wonderful Morten of a-ha still sounds -
      and I've heard live performances (they did Live 8) where he sounds
      just as amazing!

      For solo Sarah Cracknell, Goldie is a fave of mine too, as well as
      Desert Baby. I wonder if she'll ever do another solo album?

      About Swallow, I knew (way back when) that there was
      something 'different' about their sound - I guess the 'no bass
      playing' was it! LOL

      You MUST add Queen Adreena to your list if you were at all bowled
      over by Daisy Chainsaw and Kate Jane Garside!! I recently re-
      listened to the Daisy Chainsaw album, Eleventeen, and although I
      still love the sound and craziness, I realized even more how
      brilliant Queen Adreena is - the songs are tighter, more structured
      and balanced than Daisy Chainsaw, who's songs tended to become too
      sprawling and incoherent - and Katie Jane has richer, creepier, and
      more harrowing tales to tell with this band - and she sounds
      less 'insane' and more enraged and powerful (if that's possible) than
      in Daisy Chainsaw. Definitely try to track down all 3 full-lengths.


      -- In Stratosphere_Fanzine@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Benavidez
      <hasuf@p...> wrote:
      > (comments in-line)
      > On 10/31/05, Jen <jdloc4@a...> wrote:
      > > Yep, I'm at it again - my Weekly Soundtrack with commentary -
      > >
      > > October 24 - 30, 2005
      > >
      > > 1. Celice by a-ha (Paul, Magne, and Morten are masters at fusing
      > > elements of pop and rock into seamless, moody songs about the
      > > and tribulations (and sometimes bliss) of relationships; the
      > > on the cake for me is Morten's still-angelic, soaring, mournful
      > > voice)
      > I checked out the video link you sent a while back. I can't believe
      > the lead singer has the exact same voice after all these years :)
      > >
      > > 2. My Name is Love by Rob Dickinson (you know, lead singer of
      > > Catherine Wheel, gone solo and stripped down in sound, and,
      > > amazingly, I don't mind that he doesn't have a wall of guitar
      > > backing him; what would sound corny by anyone else, is a emotive
      > > uplifting paean to love)
      > I really like My Name is Love, too... he performs it live here:
      > http://kcrw.com/cgi-bin/db/kcrw.pl?
      > >
      > > 3. Taxi by Sarah Cracknell (you know, lead singer of Saint
      > > who are still going strong; this song features crisp, insistant
      > > beats and Sarah's cosmopolitan-cool, melancholy voice and
      > > the nightlife of taxis, going out, NYC winters, and friends)
      > her solo rekkid's great. my fave off that album is goldie.
      > >
      > > 4. Aerodynamic by Daft Punk (I usually don't go for
      > > but here is an exception to the rule - a short (3 and half
      > > concentrated distillation of a classical piano number, extended
      > > electric guitar solo, and perky, yet laid-back, beats - I'm
      > > Plaid on speed, but less busy and less 'scratchy', and I'm
      > > all done on synthesizer/keyboards - with a Big Ben clock tolling
      > > occasion, ending with wind tunnel sounds and hushed keyboards and
      > > beats; I know I'm making it sound like a crazy mess, but it's
      > >
      > > 5. Your Retro Career Melted by The Faint (I haven't heard too
      > > songs by them, and I know they are a love-it/hate-it band and
      > > recycler of 80's synth/dance sound, but I just love this song;
      > > filled with processed robotic vocals and has this dance-stomp
      > > rhythm - it's just a fun song to blast, especially the 'I'm
      > > lyrics)
      > >
      > > 6. The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails (I am *so* addicted to
      > > song! It's my favorite NIN song and I just can't quite
      > > explain why...and it's also a rare instance where the video
      > > meshes with the song; I love the thumping, scattered base-heavy
      > > beats, that break near the end that's all juddering industrial-
      > > sounding striptease, Trent's desperation, and how the song
      morphs at
      > > the end into a Victorian gothic atmosphere; brilliant; here's a
      > > to someone's website where they've added screencaps of the video
      > > this song:
      > > http://www.spotlight-girl.net/caps/?dir=music%2FNine%20Inch%
      > > 2FPerfect%20Drug)
      > >
      > > 7. I Won't Stand in Your Way by The Stray Cats/Brian
      > > Setzer/featuring Fourteen Carat Soul (this is an original ballad
      > > Brian Setzer, but it's a retro throwback to the 50's doo-wop
      sound -
      > > all starry-eyed, romantic, heart-on-sleeve confessions, done a
      > > cappella here, with male "barber-shop" chorus)
      > >
      > > 8. Oceans and Blue Skies by Swallow (an overlooked 4AD band that
      > > mixes the stately, glacial synth backdrop of the Cocteau Twins
      > > some of the fuzzed-up guitar distortion and noise of My Bloody
      > > Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain; this song is their best, I
      > > think - an airy song with Louise singing in a hushed, light tone
      > > while a balance of beauty and noise is struck between slowly
      > > spiraling and buzzing guitars and simple, measured piano)
      > swallow were great... one cool thing about them is that they said
      > "fuck all" to using a bass in their music. thought it'd be a neat
      > challenge.
      > >
      > > 9. In Red by Queen Adreena (you know, Katie Jane Garside and
      > > Crispin of Daisy Chainsaw; this tale of rage against a cheating
      > > boyfriend is punishing - pounding drums, razor-sharp guitar
      > > and Katie Jane's raw vocals she's always been a vocal and
      > > powerhouse and here she yells and wails with an abandon that's
      > > to (or is) abuse; her anger is palpable and her 'trademark'
      > > voice only appears in a couple turns of phrase - otherwise she's
      > > lit powderkeg)
      > i've been meaning to catch up with beyond-Daisy Chainsaw music...
      > gotta add QA to my list. i saw Daisy Chainsaw play in LA... it was a
      > great show. KJG had her crazy wig on (I thought they were her real
      > dreads!) and she yanked it off in the middle of the show. Bald as a
      > cue ball! I think I remember her putting a toy drill to her
      > >
      > > 10. Given by Black Tape for a Blue Girl (you know, Projekt label
      > > founder Sam Rosenthal's, um, musical project; this is a slow,
      > > deliberately-paced song laden with melancholy, languid female
      > > vocals, violin, strings, and flute (all synths?); gives the
      > > of staring at your reflection in pool of still water and getting
      > > lost in your gaze; puts you in a contemplative state of mind)
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > There ya have it; not sure how long I'm going to keep this up, as
      > > some weeks I don't have time to listen to a ton of music, and
      > > sometimes not much stands out enough to think about and try to
      > > describe!
      > >
      > > I just figured it would be nice to talk more about music and
      what I
      > > and you all like, so that's it's out there - and maybe,
      > > it will inspire or intrigue someone enough to find out more
      about a
      > > song or a band or singer... :)
      > >
      > > Jen
      > Not to take away from Stratosphere, cuz I love your posts... but I
      > recently discovered audioscrobbler.com. It's a cool site where it
      > keeps track of the music you play (through plugins you can download
      > from their site--I mostly listen to music on my computer, whereas a
      > friend of mine is able to track the music he listens to on his
      > It then can create charts of your favorite bands and favorite songs.
      > It's got a social side to it, too. You can see the charts and recent
      > listenings of your friends. What made me think of it for Jen is that
      > you can post journals, too. Your weekly soundtracks would be cool as
      > journal entries, cuz some random person, could, say, want to look up
      > journals that mention NIN, and come across your thoughts on The
      > Perfect Drug. Lastly, you can stream "radio stations" that are built
      > from your profile or reference bands.
      > Anyway, I dig the site, and I love exploring it. Look me up... I'm
      > hasuf. http://www.last.fm/user/hasuf/
      > Just a thought :)
      > jjmb
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