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492Re: [Stratosphere_Fanzine] Weekly Soundtrack - October 24 - 30, 2005.

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  • Joseph Benavidez
    Nov 2, 2005
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      On 10/31/05, Jen <jdloc4@...> wrote:
      > Yep, I'm at it again - my Weekly Soundtrack with commentary -
      > October 24 - 30, 2005
      > 1. Celice by a-ha (Paul, Magne, and Morten are masters at fusing
      > elements of pop and rock into seamless, moody songs about the trials
      > and tribulations (and sometimes bliss) of relationships; the icing
      > on the cake for me is Morten's still-angelic, soaring, mournful
      > voice)

      I checked out the video link you sent a while back. I can't believe
      the lead singer has the exact same voice after all these years :)

      > 2. My Name is Love by Rob Dickinson (you know, lead singer of
      > Catherine Wheel, gone solo and stripped down in sound, and,
      > amazingly, I don't mind that he doesn't have a wall of guitar sound
      > backing him; what would sound corny by anyone else, is a emotive and
      > uplifting paean to love)

      I really like My Name is Love, too... he performs it live here:

      > 3. Taxi by Sarah Cracknell (you know, lead singer of Saint Etienne,
      > who are still going strong; this song features crisp, insistant club
      > beats and Sarah's cosmopolitan-cool, melancholy voice and highlights
      > the nightlife of taxis, going out, NYC winters, and friends)

      her solo rekkid's great. my fave off that album is goldie.

      > 4. Aerodynamic by Daft Punk (I usually don't go for instrumentals,
      > but here is an exception to the rule - a short (3 and half minutes),
      > concentrated distillation of a classical piano number, extended
      > electric guitar solo, and perky, yet laid-back, beats - I'm thinking
      > Plaid on speed, but less busy and less 'scratchy', and I'm assuming
      > all done on synthesizer/keyboards - with a Big Ben clock tolling on
      > occasion, ending with wind tunnel sounds and hushed keyboards and
      > beats; I know I'm making it sound like a crazy mess, but it's not)
      > 5. Your Retro Career Melted by The Faint (I haven't heard too many
      > songs by them, and I know they are a love-it/hate-it band and
      > recycler of 80's synth/dance sound, but I just love this song; it's
      > filled with processed robotic vocals and has this dance-stomp
      > rhythm - it's just a fun song to blast, especially the 'I'm melting'
      > lyrics)
      > 6. The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails (I am *so* addicted to this
      > song! It's my favorite NIN song and I just can't quite coherently
      > explain why...and it's also a rare instance where the video totally
      > meshes with the song; I love the thumping, scattered base-heavy
      > beats, that break near the end that's all juddering industrial-
      > sounding striptease, Trent's desperation, and how the song morphs at
      > the end into a Victorian gothic atmosphere; brilliant; here's a link
      > to someone's website where they've added screencaps of the video for
      > this song:
      > http://www.spotlight-girl.net/caps/?dir=music%2FNine%20Inch%20Nails%
      > 2FPerfect%20Drug)
      > 7. I Won't Stand in Your Way by The Stray Cats/Brian
      > Setzer/featuring Fourteen Carat Soul (this is an original ballad by
      > Brian Setzer, but it's a retro throwback to the 50's doo-wop sound -
      > all starry-eyed, romantic, heart-on-sleeve confessions, done a
      > cappella here, with male "barber-shop" chorus)
      > 8. Oceans and Blue Skies by Swallow (an overlooked 4AD band that
      > mixes the stately, glacial synth backdrop of the Cocteau Twins with
      > some of the fuzzed-up guitar distortion and noise of My Bloody
      > Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain; this song is their best, I
      > think - an airy song with Louise singing in a hushed, light tone
      > while a balance of beauty and noise is struck between slowly
      > spiraling and buzzing guitars and simple, measured piano)

      swallow were great... one cool thing about them is that they said
      "fuck all" to using a bass in their music. thought it'd be a neat

      > 9. In Red by Queen Adreena (you know, Katie Jane Garside and
      > Crispin of Daisy Chainsaw; this tale of rage against a cheating
      > boyfriend is punishing - pounding drums, razor-sharp guitar riffs,
      > and Katie Jane's raw vocals she's always been a vocal and emotional
      > powerhouse and here she yells and wails with an abandon that's close
      > to (or is) abuse; her anger is palpable and her 'trademark' babydoll
      > voice only appears in a couple turns of phrase - otherwise she's a
      > lit powderkeg)

      i've been meaning to catch up with beyond-Daisy Chainsaw music...
      gotta add QA to my list. i saw Daisy Chainsaw play in LA... it was a
      great show. KJG had her crazy wig on (I thought they were her real
      dreads!) and she yanked it off in the middle of the show. Bald as a
      cue ball! I think I remember her putting a toy drill to her temple...

      > 10. Given by Black Tape for a Blue Girl (you know, Projekt label
      > founder Sam Rosenthal's, um, musical project; this is a slow,
      > deliberately-paced song laden with melancholy, languid female
      > vocals, violin, strings, and flute (all synths?); gives the feeling
      > of staring at your reflection in pool of still water and getting
      > lost in your gaze; puts you in a contemplative state of mind)
      > There ya have it; not sure how long I'm going to keep this up, as
      > some weeks I don't have time to listen to a ton of music, and
      > sometimes not much stands out enough to think about and try to
      > describe!
      > I just figured it would be nice to talk more about music and what I
      > and you all like, so that's it's out there - and maybe, hopefully,
      > it will inspire or intrigue someone enough to find out more about a
      > song or a band or singer... :)
      > Jen

      Not to take away from Stratosphere, cuz I love your posts... but I
      recently discovered audioscrobbler.com. It's a cool site where it
      keeps track of the music you play (through plugins you can download
      from their site--I mostly listen to music on my computer, whereas a
      friend of mine is able to track the music he listens to on his ipod).
      It then can create charts of your favorite bands and favorite songs.
      It's got a social side to it, too. You can see the charts and recent
      listenings of your friends. What made me think of it for Jen is that
      you can post journals, too. Your weekly soundtracks would be cool as
      journal entries, cuz some random person, could, say, want to look up
      journals that mention NIN, and come across your thoughts on The
      Perfect Drug. Lastly, you can stream "radio stations" that are built
      from your profile or reference bands.

      Anyway, I dig the site, and I love exploring it. Look me up... I'm
      hasuf. http://www.last.fm/user/hasuf/

      Just a thought :)

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