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3157My Interview with D E N A is up at Yahoo! Voices. Check it out!!

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  • sidewaysgaze
    May 8, 2013
      My Exclusive Interview with Bulgarian Hip-pop Icon D E N A is up at Yahoo! Voices. I'm starting a new musical (ad)venture by becoming a freelance writer at Yahoo! Voices.

      As part of my PR blitz for this endeavor, I kindly ask (I was going to type plead, beg, and grovel, but that just didn't sound becoming.) that you check out my Interview with DENA at:


      I've added a catchy tag to the Interviews I'm posting at Yahoo! Voices:
      "The Music Q&A with a Surprise Inside!" You'll catch my meaning if you read the last part of the Interview. ;D

      For some reason there are lots of "parts" to the Yahoo! Voices Interview system, so here also is the intro chunk that you might not see by just going directly to the Interview itself:
      "DENA is making waves with her fresh, slanguage-immersed single "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools." In this Q&A she drops details about her feel-good mantra of the summer and news about her debut album."

      Enjoy -