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3132Re: [Stratosphere_Fanzine] Fake Depeche Mode lyrics! Re: My Review of "Heaven" by Depeche Mode is up at...

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  • sidewaysgaze
    Mar 16, 2013
      Oh, I know!  The first time I searched for the lyrics of the song, I got the fake lyrics and I actually thought maybe they were the lyrics because I had only listened to "Heaven" on low volume and couldn't hear the exact words... Kinda weird that there are such different lyrics posted, unless it was intentional to confuse/irritate people.
      Depeche Mode performed on Letterman on Monday (or that's when it was broadcast) and of course the channel, or my cable company/system cut off the last part of the song!  That always happens with the late night shows...
      Here's a link to the band's live rendition of "Heaven", in full: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87WTUvNI3n0
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      Jen already knows this, but I just wanted to post a red flag that there are fake lyrics on the internet! No wonder my song interpretation was so different. What a joke. Here are the real lyrics (the first one has mistakes):


      The fake lyrics were here:


      --- In Stratosphere_Fanzine@yahoogroups.com, "sidewaysgaze" <jdloc4@...> wrote:

      > ...Adequacy.net. "Depeche Mode is alive and kicking with the imminent release of album #13 and this solemn exaltation about "Heaven"."
      > http://www.adequacy.net/2013/03/depeche-mode-heaven/
      > Jen
      > PS I just want to point out that you can leave feedback/comments for each review and interview, etc... at Adequacy.net now, so voice your thoughts if you have the time 'n' inclination. :)

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