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2909I May Want to Review Your New Album Release

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  • thrillracer1
    Oct 6 6:35 PM
      I decided to add some album review writing to my practice for submission to the San Diego Reader. It's sort of an experiment to see if they will pay me the $25. I used to review albums in my zines, but I didn't get paid. Reviewing music was a chore if I didn't care for the music. I like music that is catchy, melodic, with meaningful or clever lyrics. If you would like me to review your album, send it to:

      thrillracer esq.
      P.O. Box 16884
      San Diego, CA 92176-6884

      E-mail a scan of the album cover to thrillracer[at]netzero.net
      You can also e-mail a song clip 30 seconds or less.

      If the Reader doesn't print it, I will at least put the review online somewhere (like Stratosphere or Indiestyle) so it doesn't go to waste.
      The album reviews will be 200 words or less.