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2651Second issue of TWISTED THORNS now available!

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  • mosriteluv
    May 1, 2009
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      Maybe Jen already mentioned this here, but I wanted all Kristy Thirsk fans to know that the second issue of my Kristy Thirsk/Rose Chronicles fanzine is now available to buy. It features tons of cool photos, 2 never before released pics from RC's SHIVER photoshoot by Hill Peppard, sure to please any Kristy Thirsk fan. It also features original interviews with RC bassist Judd Cochrane, Kristy Thirsk (Five questions with), Shelley Harland, Disseverence & Matt Darey. It's main theme is "back in the day" of RC. That feature includes many rare interviews with RC from back in 1993 -1994.

      The zine including postage cost $8.00 US for US residents & $5.00 US for Canadians. You can pay via PayPal. My PayPal is:


      If that isn't showing up then it's:

      tara_lobster (at) lycos dot com

      If you don't have PayPal just send me a message & we can arrange another way of payment via money order etc.
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