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  • Jen
    Jun 2, 2008
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      LOL, I know what you mean about not telling anyone that you listen to
      and like certain songs (whether from commerical radio or MTV/VH-1/FUSE,
      etc...), but, hey, I've already incriminated myself so much here,
      so...feel free to do the same! LOL

      Once in a while commercial radio strikes gold, but it doesn't happen
      too often these days, at least for the type of music I like...

      Just listened to "Undeniable" by Mat Kearny, and it's not what I'd
      normally listen to, but it's good listening for a lazy summer day in a
      hammock with some lemonade. ;) I wish...


      --- In Stratosphere_Fanzine@yahoogroups.com, "thrillracer1"
      <thrillracer@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Jen: I love that song, but I didn't want to tell anyone because
      > they'd know I've been listening to commercial radio, which is
      > atrocious, but my car cassette player is broken and I was also doing
      > research on broadcast radio. Every once in awhile a good song gets
      > played on broadcast radio, but payola is paid whether the song is good
      > or bad and we all know most of the songs are bad.
      > I got a Matt Kearny CD for going to a commercial radio focus group and
      > I love "Undeniable."
      > I've been listening to some Morrissey & Gene from my CD collection and
      > some songs from a 70s library CD: "Candyman" Sammy Davis, Jr.,
      > "Escape: The Pina Colada Song" (forget the artist at the moment),
      > "Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves" - Cher, + others.
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