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2249Re: [Stratosphere_Fanzine] Re: APOPTYGMA - Berzerk for Apoptygma Berzerk!

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  • Jon Gordon
    Mar 3, 2008
      Apop are very big in mainland Europe, they're a festival headline act in Germany, and practically unknown anywhere in the english speaking world. Until here, of course.
      Any searches of German websites will reveal the existence of large amounts of TeutonicTechno but very little of it seems to travel well.
      And if they had never covered that House Of Love track, I would never have heard of them (what a weird coincidence that was. I was editing the HOL article in a netcafe and the APOP track played over the cafe stereo. just one of those moments ...)

      Jen <jdloc4@...> wrote:
      ...and I love APB! :D

      Thanks for posting about that band (well, guy!) here. I'm not sure
      how I found out about "Apop", but I did buy an EP/single several
      years ago called Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me), and I loved the
      electro beats and sweetly mournful vocals (very much like Dave Gahan
      of Depeche Mode in angelic mode) - you know, like he's in a reverie,
      dreaming about 'Kathy'...; here's a link to song on YouTube.com, but
      I think it's a remix version, not original cut:
      http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=liacDyNb8rE

      - and then I also picked up the EP/single Paranoia, or Mourn; not
      sure of title, but it has both those songs on it, and while they
      don't reach the heights of Kathy's Song, they have that cool, dark,
      electro-pop vibe.

      I've heard a few other songs by Apop on college radio, but haven't
      been following what they're doing now that closely. That will now
      change! :) Thanks for the info -


      --- In Stratosphere_ Fanzine@yahoogro ups.com, "chateau_distorted"
      <chateau_distorted@ ...> wrote:
      > I posted an article here about late 80's Brits The House Of Love,
      > which mentioned a recent cover of their quite well-known
      track 'Shine
      > On', performed by the not quite so well known Apoptygma
      > Berserk, who've been busy recently & here's an update on some of
      > their current activities -
      > Follow the link to sign up for the APB newsletter :
      > http://www.theapbof fice.com/ v1.0/content/ start.php
      > Click the (RED STAR) newsletter button, enter your name + email
      > address
      > and hit subscribe to receive updates and news directly to your
      inbox !
      > http://www.theapbof fice.com/ v1.0/content/ start.php
      > Klickt den Link, um den APOP Newsletter zu abonnieren
      > apop on myspace :
      > http://www.myspace. com/apoptygmaber zerk
      > apop on facebook :
      > http://www.facebook .com/pages/ Apoptygma- Berzerk/22003610 093
      > apoptygma berzerk home page :
      > http://www.theapbof fice.com
      > apop forum :
      > http://www.apoptygm aberzerk. de/apop/forum_ en/index. php
      > APB LOVES YOU !

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