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  • qrd@juno.com
    Nov 2, 2004

      I thought some of you might be interested in the Remora album Amerse being available for free download this month only at www.silbermedia.com/amerse Here's some info about it:

      If it weren�t for budget constraints, this would have been released as a CD instead of a cassette back in 1998. To a lot of people it�s still the definitive Remora release. This version includes ten tracks more than the original cassette. Guitar noise, soundscapes, & two note riffs. A cross between the Stooges, Pink Floyd, Jandek, & Flying Saucer Attack.


      "I started taking percoset long after the pain of having my wisdom teeth pulled was gone. I recall that two-week period vaguely, as it all seems kind of half-real at this point. During that time, I remember thinking to myself, "Remora would make an excellent soundtrack for life on the verge of consciousness." Upon listening to Remora recently, though, I discovered that this half-conscious state can be achieved without painkillers. Remora's guitar terrorism relies on the more drone-based school of thought, where the most interesting sounds come from minimalist structure and repetition. Unlike some of the more well known ambient/noise guitarists, who rely on obtrusive noise and piercing tones, Remora makes effective use of tonality which is surprisingly soothing despite the noisy overtones. When vocals are used, they haunt each song beneath the mix, overrun by a million guitar strings." -- Jon DeRosa, Aarktica, 1998

      �Remora create dark, atmospheric, lo-fi psychedelic sounds that deserve to be heard on a much wider scale.� -- Ben Szporluk, Elephant Stone Records, Vendetta magazine, 1998

      �droning guitar ambient to put you deeper in a place you only hovered near before. vocals placed low in the mix produce an eerie subconscious effect... not sound for escape, but for retuirning to yourself.� -- Jarboe

      "My tape player sits underneath the table & this is the first music that sounds at home there." -- Alan Sparhawk, Low

      "dreamy alien soundscapes that cover atmospheric, eclectic ethereal, & noise...lo-fi noise instrumentals & dirgy vocals over unadorned melodies." -- Octavia, Outburn Magazine

      "Soft-noise drones mingled with songs made of static guitar chords & vocals. I like the spirit of this discreet work, floating by just leaving the overall melancholic atmosphere." -- Tore Boe, Origami Republika

      �This American band/artist as the information is minimal reflects this in the music which is appropriately minimal & experimental. Waves of distortion fed through reverb effects drone through the ether like a passing tank. These other worldly murmurs are in stark contrast to the sub Stooges riffs that are processed out of all recognition on some occasions. Structured tracks with some vocals are the shade to the more chaotic soundscapes, the pitch darkness. A mixture of a psychedelic feel set against a more extreme sound manipulation, like Pink Floyd meets Merzbow.� -- Bizarre magazine

      "Remora reminds me of peach pie cooling on the window sill, while mother has a nervous breakdown & the kids are getting into dad's opium stash...." -- Eric Cooley, Faith & Disease

      Brian John Mitchell

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